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The Nigeria of our dream, by pupils



As the country marks her 60th Independence anniversary on Thursday, October 1, some pupils are charging the Federal Government to do all it takes to meet their expectations, as well as create an environment where their dreams can come to fruition. They spoke with Gbenga Akinfenwa and Omowunmi Olaniyi

Government Should Give Youths More Opportunities
Daniel Oyedipe, SSS 1
Sito God’s Time School, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

I WANT Nigeria where youths are given the chance to chart a roadmap that outlines a future that works for the good of the citizens; a roadmap that will put the country on the path of growth and development, and make it a place where opportunities abound.


I desire a country where a vibrant railway network forms an integral part of our transportation system because a lot of pressure would be taken off our roads thereby making them last longer. A vibrant rail system is very important for us as a country because most cargoes would be transported by rail. Our political leaders must strive to ensure that there is the security of lives and property, and do whatever it takes to end terrorism and insurgency perpetrated by Boko Haram and other such groups.

Corruption needs to be checkmated to address the rising scourge of poverty in the country. The current unemployment rate is mind-boggling. So, I want a country where jobs will be available for every qualified youth.

Govt Must Address Multiple Challenges Plaguing Citizens
Mmuodun Oluebube,
SS 3, Upland College School, Lagos

I WANT governments at all levels to find a solution to our most pressing challenges, including unemployment, which has made many graduates remain jobless years after graduation. Put differently, the massive unemployment in the land is part of the reason why many youths consider acquiring western education as a waste of time.


Also, bad roads have a ripple effect on the system and contribute to the high cost of transportation, as well as the high cost of goods and services. So, efforts should not be spared in making as many roads as possible motorable.


Nigeria Deserves An Independent Judiciary
Wuraola Oyedeji, JSS 2
Sito God’s Time School, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

I WANT a country that has zero-tolerance for corruption, religious and tribal sentiments. At 60, Nigeria ought to be a great country if our judiciary were to be truly independent, on the right track, and dispensing justice effectively. But the reverse is the case, as the rich and influential still circumvent justice, while the poor end up rotting in jail.

The Nigeria of my dream is a country where citizens enjoy critical infrastructure, have access to good roads, pipe-borne water, and uninterrupted power supply; a country where the standard of living of the masses is appreciable.

I truly desire a nation were holding political offices will no longer be seen as an avenue for self-enrichment, or criminal accumulation of wealth, rather as an opportunity to work towards bettering the lives of the citizens.

Finally, I envision a country where citizens contribute immensely in setting the country on the right path; shun corruption and be patriotic.


More Investments Should Be Made In Agric Sector
Shalom Uluvahwe, SSS 2
Chrismeon College, Ekoro Road, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

AT 60, we need to bring back the lost glory of our country as the giant of Africa. At this age, the Federal Government should do whatever it takes to harness our abundant natural resources, put smiles on the faces of workers, including the often-neglected teachers. Every Nigerian should be made to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Government needs to do more in the area of security, as insecurity has escalated to the point of scaring away investors, a development that has worsened unemployment in the country.

I want the Federal Government to invest more in agriculture thereby providing an enabling environment to attract youths into this sector. This will certainly ensure food security in the country.

There is a need to do more to improve the welfare of the people, as the Coronavirus has affected many businesses, and the majority have lost their means of livelihood.


Poverty, Ensure Equitable Distribution Of Resources
Seliat Balogun, SSS 3
Chrismeon College, Ekoro Road, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

IT is pathetic that a large fraction of Nigerian citizens still lives in abject poverty. The level of corruption going on in all areas of our national life has made a country that is so blessed with abundant natural resources to depend on loans for survival.

I want to see a Nigeria where poverty is banished, unemployment and insecurity defeated, as well as a country where citizens of other countries worldwide will be begging to visit, to invest, and to learn from our breakthroughs.

The Federal Government needs to put machinery in motion to address the issue of unemployment that has turned graduates into armed robbers, kidnappers, and murderers, just to make ends meet.


I want the Federal Government to ensure equitable distribution of available resources to all regions, in order for all, irrespective of education, or class to have enough to eat and send their children and wards to school.

We Need Great Leaders To Move Our Nation Forward
Muheezah Dauda-Folarin, Baptist Girls’ College, Abeokuta, Ogun

I WANT Nigeria to become a peaceful country with a mutual understanding among the diverse ethnic groups. Also, I want my country to be the best educationally, technologically, and economically.

I want a country where youths will show self-discipline, and elders will be good examples to youths. 

My expectation for Nigeria at 60 is that we should be technologically advanced, blessed with good infrastructure, including excellent security for all citizens. By now, we should be led only by great leaders that are ready to sacrifice and move the country forward without ethnic or religious sentiments.

Our roads should be motorable, while electricity and potable water should be readily available. 


Our Institutional, Individual Excellence Must Be Globally Recognised
Seun Maranro
Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Solu-Ifo, Ogun State.

THE Nigeria of my dream is not just an African giant, but a country that belongs to the league of advanced countries. I long to see a Nigeria that is technologically developed and whose cultural richness is extolled beyond its shores.

It is my wish that we have a country whose citizens and institutions are globally recognised and valued based on their outputs and standards.

I expected Nigeria at 60 to be a country of diverse economic opportunities; a country with a stable electricity supply; a country with functional health and educational facilities; a country with adequate security of lives and property. It is unfortunate that we are still struggling to achieve all these. Most of our roads are bad and dangerous to drive on; our educational policies are not uniform, and our democracy is still a fledgling one.

However, I hope that we will soon overcome all these inadequacies and build a strong nation.

Rule Of Law Must Be Respected
Jenti Alaseepeloluwa
Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Solu-Ifo, Ogun State

I dream of a Nigeria where the less privileged will not be discriminated against or intimidated. I dream of a country, where the rich and the rulers do not trample on the rights of the dregs of society.

The rule of law should actually be supreme. The government should be seen to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I want Nigeria with a strong competitive currency unlike what is happening now. It will be a thing of joy to have a Nigeria whose citizens have a very high integrity quotient.

At 60, tribalism and terrorism should no longer be prominent in Nigeria. Ongoing killings and kidnappings must be severely curtailed. Social amenities and excellent services ought to be commonplace by now, and it is also my belief that Nigeria should have secured a permanent seat in the Security Council of the United Nations. May God help Nigeria.


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