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Confession rules your life – Part 1


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

There is power behind every confession whether negative or positive. The scripture declares that you are created in the image of God. The power of creation is being passed to you, Psalm 83:5-7.

Note that God created everything out of nothing. The Almighty came out and said let there be light and there was light. The power of the spoken words.

The power to success and failure lies within your corner, make a choice.


Tongues can destroy poverty, sickness, disappointment, joblessness, setback and other destructive iron contending against people of God.

In other words, your tongue can raise a platform through, which sickness, lack of money and intimidation form Satan can be destroyed.

You can rule your destiny if you choose to do so. Every word that proceeds out of one’s mouth will bounce back to the alleged person whether good or evil. God wants to glorify His name through positive confession.

Most time, you pray, fast and believe in God, consequently confess negatively. For instance, you may be influenced with negative statement: “I do not believe whether the prayer I prayed two days ago will be answered.”

This statement alone has defeated the effectiveness of your prayer and fasting. Change your confession, and your life will have a permanent standard. Beloved, you can’t grow above your confession.

It is permanent to monitor what comes out of your mouth. A lot of people condemn themselves, business, marriages and other life pursuit before they are condemned by Satan (Mark 11:24).

Show me a man with positive mentality, and I will show you a successful man.

Success is measured on the scale of insight regarding God’s word and promises attached to it.

To be a giant in your generation, you must be positioned. That life of yours is not a failure, something good can come out of it.


That business is not a failure, you can ameliorate it through the power of positive confession.

When positive confession is mixed with positive action, you become the general of your time. Abraham embraced the concept of positivity.

Though they couldn’t manifest immediately, Abraham and Sarah maintained the flow of positive confession.

Confession is like a seed sowed on the ground (a soil). You cannot reap what you have not planted. May I ask you, what are you sowing into your marriage, business and in the lives of your children?


No marriage can grow financially, materially, spiritually, mentally and socially when the evil spirit of negative confession finds its way into the family. Marriage grows when couples are positively oriented.

Such scenario ushers in babies, money, joy, employment, connection and the fear of God into the family. I charge all married men/women to be positive in all spheres of their lives.


I am not fascinated with the notion that marriage can get crumbled. No, when God is a marriage, the alleged person is bound to success.

A business can create an avenue through which God’s favour can reach you.

How can this be possible? Beloved, begin to release the power of positive confession over that business of yours. In the realm of the spirit, everything has ear, including your business.

Why many businesses fail? This is contrary to God’s word; refuse to fail. When you wake up in the morning, what do you speak to your business.

The content of your heart determines what you experience outside your life and business.

Regardless of having an insight of any business entered into or the capital base and other things that business requires, you must be positive mentally. In the absence of this, you end up investing your money in doom.

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