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Confronting your goliath


Goliath could symbolise stubborn problems in your life. Photo; PIXABAY

Text: 1 Sam. 17:38-50

In life, there are battles to be fought. It’s only when you confront and conquer the giant that you can make progress in life. Anytime you want to achieve something great in life, the devil will put a Goliath before you so that you will not cross over. But if you can knock him down, you will cross over and possess your possession.

Who is Goliath? Goliath could symbolise stubborn problems in your life. These include barrenness, illness, or any problem standing between you and God’s promises in your life. Goliath can also symbolise anything that is threatening your peace. The children of Israel never had peace because they were daily confronted by Goliath. Goliath is any situation or entity that is harassing and intimidating you and could also represent something that wants to kill, enslave or put you in bondage. Goliath told the children of Israel that if he defeated them, they would all be his slaves.


The following are ways you can confront your Goliath. Firstly, you must learn to be battle-ready (Eph 6:10). You don’t choose the time, place or when you fight the battle against the devil; hence you must be ever ready because he can hit you at any time. It could be at night, when you are sleeping, or when you are eating or bathing. The devil can also come to you in a subtle way; hence you have to be wise. To be ready, you must live a holy life and your spiritual fire must be burning daily. Again, you should take the battle to the enemy. Don’t wait for them to come and attack you first, go to them, attack and conquer them. David didn’t wait for Goliath to come to him; rather, he ran to him and killed him with a stone. Also, don’t be afraid of your enemy, because God is in you and with you, and He is greater than them; hence you must be bold and confident. (1 John 4:4).

Fourthly, you must understand the benefit of winning the battle, as it will motivate you. (Heb 12:2). When you look at the battle you are fighting today, it cannot be compared to the testimony you will have. David asked, “What will be given to any man that can kill Goliath?” Three benefits were outlined for him and these became his motivating force. For every Goliath you pull down, you will get a promotion, your status will change and there will be deliverance in your family. Finally, put your trust in God; don’t go to battle with your strength alone. Goliath was stronger than David, but David won the battle because he had God’s backing.


Prayer Points
• Father! As I begin to pray, any problem sponsored by the enemy to take me to my early grave, expire by fire!

• My father!!! Any wicked person rejoicing that they have succeeded in my life, whoever you are, in the name of Jesus catch fire!

• Father! Arise in the thunder of your power, and reveal to me the secret of my enemies.

• Father! As I pray this day, every wrong garment of disfavour, poverty, struggle, failure and disappointment that I am wearing or that I have worn in the spirit realm, o ye garment, you are not my size, catch fire!

• My Father!! Every seed of poverty in my roots, in the name of Jesus, DIE!

• Father! Every evil report the enemy is planning for me, In the name of Jesus catch fire!

• Father! As I begin to pray, every ritual performed in an evil altar against me, I command that purpose to backfire!

• Father! Any evil transaction that took place in the time past when I was a child, that is affecting my destiny, oh Lord, Reverse it now!


• Organised witchcraft attack against my life, family, and destiny, scatter by fire!

• Father! Anything was stolen from my body, destiny, and life by the witchcraft powers of my father/mother’s house, as I begin to pray, I take it back by fire!

• Powers of the grave over my life, destiny, and finance, in the name of Jesus, break by fire!

• My Father!!! As I begin to pray, every witchcraft pillar or wall standing on my way to destiny, celebration, and advancement in life, I command you now to break and scatter!

• Belly of the river in my village, the belly of the earth in my father’s house, hear the word of the Lord; vomit my wealth and destiny in the name of Jesus!

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State
WHATSAPP LINE: +2348135952623


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