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Consistency, resilience key to any successful life – Tjsarx

The music industry is indeed filled with young creative minds who are doing good music and showcasing their talents. Daniel Aiyedogbon, known as Tjsarx in the music terrain


The music industry is indeed filled with young creative minds who are doing good music and showcasing their talents.

Daniel Aiyedogbon, known as Tjsarx in the music terrain, is not your regular musician. With his latest song ‘Whole World’ now streaming, he has braced himself with intentional skills and is determined to captivate music lovers all over the world.

For the gospel singer, having the finest voice, amazing performance skills and magical instrumentals aren’t just enough. He has honed his self-development skills.

He said: “I’ve learned so much. The most significant skills are trust, patience, resilience and consistency. That is the key to any successful life.”

For Tjsarx, he had always seen himself as a leader in the arts. He got the drift that things are better shown than said. “As many people say, seeing is believing,” he stated.

The young man who sings plays instruments and makes some jigs and twists believe that there is more to him than just the music.

“I am a lover of the arts who believes it could be expressed in many ways. Through creative/art direction, music, and many other experiences I create, I’d say that, in essence, I am creative.”

With 25 great melodic songs to his credit, the artiste is proud of his love for music, which he went into from a very young age. He informed me that he could make a song out of anything and everything seamlessly.

“I listened to music on the way to school. I played drums and sax from a very young age.I made music to express my emotions because it was the best way I knew how to,” he said.

Tjsarx creative tool is the beauty of his music. “Even the way I learned my timetables was through music. So, I have always had an interest. But when I started making music about Jesus, I began to see a clearer vision and the beauty in the weapon I have, which is creativity.”

While his goal is to reflect Christ and portray good vibes through his music, Tjsarx creates all genres of music. “The instrumentals, the voice, the ad-libs, the vibes, and the Spirit all make up my music. I believe referring to myself as a musician better describes who I am in the music industry and not all I represent at large.”

For the musician, every performance is a special experience. But fondly remembers that one of his highlight performances was at a festival in Oklahoma, US. “I remember seeing so many young people turning to my music, and I paused and said, wow. This is Christian music. It is possible.”

The singer is using his gift to capture both vibes and spirit. To him, it is always about creating an experience through music and inspiring hearts with hope, joy, and love.

“I am huge on the joy part. Hence, why my music is heavy on vibes. When you listen to Tjsarx, I want the listener to hear a part of the song and laugh out loud. Above all, I want to point my listeners to the peace that Christ gives,” he said.

The Oral Roberts University Marketing graduate describes music as a lifestyle. “It is literally what gives me joy. When I’m asked what inspired me to do music, I usually just smile and say I don’t know because I have been doing it since I was a kid.

“I believe I started taking music more seriously when I discovered my purpose through Christ. I have also been inspired by my Nigerian culture and the evolution of Afrobeats with the likes of Burnaboy, Wizkid, Henrisoul, Marizu, and Buju (Bnxn),” he said.

On the new projects he’s working on, Tjsarx replied excitedly, “There is so much coming. EPs, projects, vibes, and many more. I promise this year is going to be full of bangers. We may not just be talking music – who really knows. But 2022 is the year, and that’s all I’m going to say.

“I hope that life treats everyone well. We are on a crazy journey. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it will be worth it in the end. Keep up the good work, and stay consistent and determined. It is not how fast but how well.”

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