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Crushing the python spirit – Part 2



The following are some of the characteristics of the python spirit: it is very deceptive and patient in attack: When it appears on a scene, it behaves like the people. A physical python always takes the shape and form of what is around it. Sometimes you might sit on a python in a bush thinking it is wood. The spirit always tries to blend and behave like the people around. He might be in the church and behaves like the people there and people around him might feel he is a genuine Christian, not knowing that it is a camouflage.

Secondly, it is a coiling spirit that knows how to squeeze life out of their victims. It could squeeze out your spiritual life completely and also squeeze the physical life out of someone, as can be seen in a case where someone can wake up in the night to find himself gasping for life and struggling for breath, while feeling tightness in the chest.

Thirdly, it is a destructive spirit: anytime you attack it, you must be ready for a counter-attack. It’s only when you decapitate it by cutting off the head that you can completely destroy it. As seen in Acts 16:16-26, immediately it was cast out from the damsel’s life, it went loose, caused commotion and ensured Paul and Silas were locked in the prison. Fourthly, the python spirit is there to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life. As seen in Acts 16:24-26, Paul and Silas were put in prison, to prevent them from fulfilling their purpose of preaching the gospel.

Some of the signs to show that you are under attack by this spirit are: when you suffer from weariness. You get easily worn out and are always losing strength when it comes to prayer and the things of the spirit. Secondly, there is loss of passion for worshipping God. You find it difficult worshipping and praising God, when alone and even while in church. Thirdly is loss of passion for prayers. Whenever you want to pray, you find that you are tired, frustrated and finally sleep off. Fourthly, you feel pressured or overwhelmed by a particular situation or problem and you become helpless and get to a stage of feeling hopeless.

It could be as a result of the python spirit squeezing your finance, marriage and health, among others and you find it difficult to overcome the problem. This python spirit can make someone to be over-dependent on drugs without seeing the effect of the drugs on the ailments he/she is treating. It is also responsible for hard drug addiction like cocaine, marijuana, etc. The python spirit is responsible for some strange sicknesses. Sometimes, some people are sick, but doctors cannot find the cause of the sickness or even diagnose the ailment the person is suffering from. Finally, the python spirit can sometimes cause men’s death. When they squeeze a man, they snuff life out of him completely and make him to die prematurely.

Below are ways to handle the python spirit: first and foremost, you need to repent from your sin. Secondly, sing deliverance songs and thereafter go into warfare prayers because the python spirit is afraid of deliverance songs and warfare prayers. Thirdly, you must hold on to your faith. (1 John 5:4).
Prayer Points
• Every enemy around me pretending to be a friend be exposed in Jesus name.
• Every power squeezing my finances or my life, die in Jesus name.
• With the sword of the spirit, I cut off the head of every python in my life, in Jesus name.
• O Lord, every strange habit in my life, empowered by the python spirit, be terminated by fire!
• Ministry of the python spirit in my destiny, expire by fire.
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