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Crushing the python spirit – Part I



Text: Act 16:16-26
The spirit of the python is the spirit behind divination. Divination is taken from a greek word “puton” which means “python” in the English word. In Isaiah 44:25, God told us he hates diviners. Divination is also defined as the act of foretelling the future using the supernatural means that is not from God, usually occultic means. In Deut. 18:10, 14, God forbids the consultation of the diviner or enchanters.

Divination is different from Enchantment. Divination means using a supernatural means that is not from God to foretell the future while enchantment means putting a spell on someone to disable him from fulfilling his destiny.

There are different types of divination, which such as: Astrology- this is a kind of divination using celestial bodies to foretell the future. Palmistry- using the broad field of your palm in order to determine your future. Crystallomancy- is divination using crystal balls or mirror, where they look into the mirrors or crystal balls to foretell the future or life of someone. Necromancy- is divination using the spirit of the dead. The spirit of the dead is being summoned to tell about past or future event. Hydromancy- is divination using water. They put water in a bowl and begin to determine the future of the individual.


There is a story of a brother who was well to do and living in the city. When he wanted to visit his father in the village, he went with his car. Half way to his village, he parked his car somewhere to change his outfit and boarded a public bus home. When his father saw him, he asked him where his car was and he told the father he had none. The father took him to his room and showed him a bowl of water, when he looked into it, he saw himself and the entire event that happened on his way to the village. He was shocked and the father told him to go and bring his car home.

Randomancy- is a divination using a stick in which they throw the stick up and foretell the future through it. Finally, Teraphine- is a divination of consulting images to tell the future of some persons.

Behind all these divinations is the python spirit. This spirit is associated with divination, witchcraft, rebellion and it promotes false religion.

Acts 16:16-26 tells us about a damsel who was possessed by the python spirit and was using it to foretell the future of people in that city. She held every one of them captive spiritually. When she saw Paul and Silas she started drawing attention to herself by saying they were men of God. When Paul and Silas perceived that she was using the spirit of divination to say those words, they cast it out from her.

The python spirit always attacks the prayer life of believers, so as to get hold of them. This spirit first attack is to bring distraction. Secondly, it always draws attention to itself by celebrating self and man thereby pushing the attention from God to man. Most times, if you find yourself always getting distracted in the place of prayer it means the python spirit is operational in your life. Thirdly, the python spirit knows how to protect those who practice divination because it is the power behind them. We saw in Acts 16:16-24 that immediately the python spirit was cast out from the damsel, it went and stirred up trouble and the man in charge of the damsel came out to make trouble with Paul and Silas and the crowd dragged, flogged and put them in prison. This spirit enables the diviners to make money but they can’t account for what they are using the money for. The more money they get the more they look miserable. Fourthly, the spirit makes you to focus only on the future and neglect the present. Finally, this spirit causes you to suffer discouragement thereby making you to complain

Prayer Points:
• My father!! Every python spirit around my life, as I pray now receive fire in Jesus name.
• Every stronghold of python spirit over my life, I break it and I release myself.
• Every python spirit assigned to me in the spirit realm to crush my ministry, spiritual life, marriage or finance completely, as I pray now I cut off the head of that python in Jesus name.
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