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Dealing with demonic wise men – Part 3



Demonic wise men are those who consult dark powers for knowledge, which they use to manipulate men’s destinies. They perform a lot of evil operations in the lives of men. They are stargazers who read and interpret the stars of men. That is why those that follow Zodiac Signs closely from books and newspapers must be careful. They have been carefully arranged by stargazers and whatever they say (good or bad) surely comes to pass. These are demonic doorways. The Bible says we must be careful lest the devil takes advantage of us. As you continujally follow these Zodiac Signs, it becomes a habit and like every other bad habit, an altar is built for it in your mind, such that it becomes increasingly difficult to break away from it.

The magi in (Mtt. 2:1-2) saw the star of Jesus miles away and came down to worship Him. Imagine if the demonic wise men of your father’s house saw your star, they would do everything to cover you from shinning. “I pray for you, every evil hand stretched forth to cover your star, may they wither in Jesus name”. Secondly, demonic wise men are observers of times; they interpret omens using demonic means. Deut. 18:14 says you must not consult them or else you will be ensnared by what they say and lose your place of promise. Again, they are involved in evil consultation with demonic spirits. A young man said his grandfather who was a hunter never searched for a catch in the wild. He only gives a whistling sound and an antelope or whatever animal he needed runs to him. This is not ordinary. A lot of our fathers were killers, (Ogboo) who used humans for sacrifice and many people are suffering the consequences of such sins of their father’s evil consultations.


Demonic wise men monitor people’s lives and movement, using a demonic CCTV to know everything about their victims. They can use demonic microchips, animals, water, mirror or horoscope. Most marine priestesses or witch doctors have a mirror in their shrine. A woman confessed that she monitored her son to know when he slept with his wife and she would collect his semen. This was responsible for their barrenness. “I decree that every monitoring gadget used against you will catch fire in Jesus name.” They can also place jinx on people. This is a spell of bad luck to cause disappointment in your career and even marriage (Jn. 16:1-11). They can again cast a spell of bewitchment on their victims to keep them under control or satanic influence, as we see in Acts 8:9. The whole community was bewitched by Simon the Sorcerer, until God intervened through Philip. They can use telepathy which is thought transfer. This can be used on your helpers to turn them against you and that is why you need knowledge. They can transfer negative thoughts into their victims to make them do unbelievable things, such as suicide, waywardness and other vices. Another thing they do is place an evil summon where a victim hears his/her name being called strangely. A young man who lived in America for fifteen years heard an evil summon one night to return home to Africa. The following day, he made his way back home empty-handed, only to discover that his mother was responsible for it, claiming that he had stayed too long away from home. It was really difficult for him to return to America until he met us for prayers. Demonic wise men can afflict people, using an effigy or doll and finally, they can cause untimely death. This, they can do by making their victims have dreams and thoughts of death or suicidal tendency.

It is not normal; you must reject it immediately. If you have had any involvement with demonic wise men, you must repent and be born again. Destroy any of their objects in your possession and be watchful. Finally, engage in judgmental prayers.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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