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Dealing with family witchcraft – Part 2

By John Okene
01 May 2022   |   2:07 am
Our Bible text outlines the numerous activities that occur in a coven. It is indeed a bloody city; full of wickedness.

Rev. John Okene

Our Bible text outlines the numerous activities that occur in a coven. It is indeed a bloody city; full of wickedness. The witches have no mercy for anyone, not even their close relatives and family members. The second verse of our text says there is the noise of the whip and noise of rattling wheels. In the coven, witches are sent to flog their victims, which is the reason some people wake up to find lacerations all over their bodies. If you have been experiencing this, then witches are working overtime on you.

A man who had lived in America for several years came to me one day, lamenting that he was always being flogged in his dream and every day he wakes up with lacerations all over his body. His case was so bad that all his nightwears and bed covers were stained with blood. When I prayed for him everything came to an end. If that explains your situation today, may such nonsense be terminated in your life in Jesus’ name … Amen!

The scripture also says that there is the prancing of horses and jumping of chariots. This means that in the coven, they ride on men as horses. A woman who was always falling sick attended one of our deliverance services in the company of her daughter. In the course of the intense prayers, the daughter who was suddenly arrested by the power of God started confessing all of her atrocities. She said she used to ride on her mother as a horse to coven meetings every night. This explains why the mother was always sick and tired. The woman confirmed that she wakes up every morning completely exhausted like someone who worked all through the night.

Again, she said that she woke up one morning with a fractured leg and could not understand what happened to her. In response to this, her daughter explained that as she was riding on her to the coven one of the nights, she mistakenly fell into a gutter and broke her leg. The mother never had any clue of all of these because she did not always remember her dreams. The witchcraft powers, when in operation, will delete every memory of your dreams to ensure that nothing is traceable to them. This woman was constantly being used as a vehicle to the coven and this made her look much older than her age. After our prayers, she was totally delivered and her health was fully restored. I decree to you that whatever has been taken from you by coven powers will be speedily restored in Jesus’ name…Amen!

Family witchcraft is the most common form of the powers of darkness around us. They are also the deadliest because they operate within a small unit of unsuspecting loved ones. They eat so deep into the lives and destinies of their victims before anyone could realise it. Family witchcraft is the spirit behind household wickedness; it has been in existence from creation. May God destroy it from your life and family in Jesus’ name…Amen!
Prayer Points:
• Any evil hand that have been deleting the memory of my dreams, wither by fire.
• Any witch that is on assignment because of me, receive the judgment of fire.
• O Lord! Whatever coven my blood has been taken to, let there be restoration in Jesus’ name…Amen!
• Whosoever is using my glory to shine, receive fire and die!
• Coven sponsored sickness in my life, expire in Jesus’ name.
• Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. Prayerline: +2348135952623

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