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Dealing with family witchcraft – Part 3

By John Okene
17 July 2022   |   2:48 am
The coven, which is the operational base of witchcraft is characterised by lots of wicked activities. It is indeed the dark place of the earth and as such full of lies, robbery and torture.

John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Bible Passage: Nahum 3:1-5
The coven, which is the operational base of witchcraft is characterised by lots of wicked activities. It is indeed the dark place of the earth and as such full of lies, robbery and torture.

In addition to this, our Bible text says that they fire spears and swords at victims, resulting in a multitude of casualties and death. This explains why you sometimes dream of being shot with a gun or spear only to wake up and feel terrible pains on that same spot.

What happens in the spiritual realm manifests physically. Some persons we see who are sick physically were afflicted by the coven and such sickness oftentimes defy medical solution. It takes divine knowledge, backed up with fasting and prayers to recover from such afflictions.

Again, many people we see moving around have long been killed in the coven; they are only waiting for an incident to drop dead physically. The scripture says that the horsemen stumble over the corpses and the haste with which they carry out their atrocities is very alarming. This is because every member of a coven is given a quota, which must be met within a particular period of time. You see why at certain seasons, especially at the end of the year, the death rate recorded is unusually high. In the coven, they feed on human blood and flesh. You must not play with witchcraft; it is man’s number one public enemy. If you discover also that you exhibit some symptoms of witchcraft in you, do not cover it, take time to fast and pray and possibly seek help from a genuine, spirit-filled man of God.

When witchcraft is operating in some families, it pushes them into prostitution as we see in the fourth verse of our text. As they have sexual contact with an increasing number of persons, so, they spread witchcraft. The ladies hardly ever settle for one husband, they normally bear children for different men. These children in turn also spread witchcraft. The powers manipulate them and they are never satisfied with one man.

In so doing, they sell their families to witchcraft. These powers ensure that there is a witch representative in every family so as to maintain their agenda. If that representative is leaving, either by relocation or death at old age, they ensure that another person is recruited and initiated into the coven. That is why you must guard your children and your own soul, mind what you eat and drink. Trust no man, even your close relatives and be spiritually alert.

They target and initiate those that are spiritually weak. The initiation can be done through food, drinks, sweets given to you and even your own food when they eat with you in public. It can also be done through eye contact; you must be careful.

A lady was afflicted on her wedding day through eye contact. The initiation came through the piece of cake she looked at and ate during her wedding. She then suffered pains and sickness for a couple of years until she met me in one of our deliverance services where God revealed everything to her and she was delivered.

Another way people can be initiated is through their dreams. You must pray very well, especially for your children before going to bed. Possibly you could anoint them every night. The witchcraft powers could go as far as deleting your dream memory to ensure you have no trace of your dream activities, this leads to what is called “Blind Witch.”

Initiation could also be through the sharing of personal belongings like clothes, undies, shoes, and even weave-on. Desist from all of these and when you buy a new one pray on them before use.

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