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Dealing with family witchcraft – Part 4

By John Okene
18 September 2022   |   2:47 am
There is a continuous upsurge of evil upon the face of the earth today. The powers of darkness are not relenting in their effort to recruit more agents for their wicked activities.


Bible Passage: Nahum 3:1-5

There is a continuous upsurge of evil upon the face of the earth today. The powers of darkness are not relenting in their effort to recruit more agents for their wicked activities.

Witchcraft powers have also devised several means to initiate innocent and unsuspecting victims into their cult. It is common to see such victims who are oblivious of the spiritual transactions done in their life. There are several ways, however, to tell if you have been initiated into witchcraft.

One of them is when you discover that you don’t dream at all or dream, but do not remember your dream. Although this is not for all cases, oftentimes it means there is a witchcraft manipulation somewhere.

This is called “Blind Possession” and it happens more often to adults so that they will not easily detect what is happening to them and then seek deliverance. Another sign of initiation is eating in the dream, especially when you eat more meat and fish even in the raw state and top it up with coke. This is human flesh and blood; you must seek deliverance immediately.

Again, when you find yourself in a strange gathering of people holding meetings in your dream, it is a sign of initiation. Sometimes they could be wearing white clothes, note that you are a member of that group, do something fast to come out of them.

Another sign is seeing yourself in a strange market buying things, especially meat and fish. When you also discover that you are always cooking and feeding people in your dream, it is a sign of initiation as a demonic caterer. Some people are known to always chew and grind their teeth noisily while asleep. If you see this in your children, take them for deliverance very fast.

Again, about 50 per cent of those who always talk out from their sleep is as a result of witchcraft manipulation. Observe some people who always sleep with their legs raised up and connected to a wall. When you try to wake them up it is difficult for them to respond from their deep sleep, this is also a sign of initiation.

Finally, when people always complain of being attacked in their dream by a particular person, you must do something about it. This is high-level witchcraft manipulation. It is either someone is using the identity of that particular person to attack people or you are suffering from blind possession and so attacking the people yourself.

Witchcraft has a different mode of operation and one of them is manipulation. This is typical of them and it is different from oppression. In manipulation, they pretend to be close to you as we see in Psa. 55:12-15, but behind the scene, they are afflicting your marriage, business, career, ministry, finance, and health, among others. May God expose them all and give them an open disgrace in Jesus’ name. Beloved, wickedness is real. The people you feed, clothe and accommodate can be the ones fighting against you. May your good deeds speak and fight for you in Jesus’ name. Another mode of operation is “intimidation.” This they do by attacking you whenever you attempt to fast and pray so that you will be scared and stop praying.

Lastly, they operate by “control,” never let their victims go free.
Prayer Points

• Every market of darkness in my dream life, catch fire in Jesus’ name.

• Anyone using my identity in the spirit realm to cause havoc, be roasted by fire.

• O Lord, anyone pretending to be a friend, but he/she is manipulating my life, let him/her be exposed and disgraced.

• Anyone behind the evil pattern in my life, receive fire in Jesus’ name.

• Every witchcraft manipulation in my life, expire by fire.

• Every witchcraft grip over my life, be broken in Jesus’ name.

• Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. Prayerline: +2348135952623

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