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Dealing with landlord spirit – Part 2


Text: Luke 11:24-26.
There are some lessons we can learn from the story in our Bible text. A spirit can make a human body its own. A spirit can be ejected from a house. Whenever a spirit leaves a place, it can have alternative places to go. Again, when a spirit is driven out of a place, it can return if that place remains vacant. This is why it is important that after your deliverance, you should engage yourself in the things of God; constantly studying, fasting, praying and serving God. The last lesson to note is that the evil resident powers, that is the landlord spirit, can have co-tenants. When Jesus met the mad man of Gadara in “Mark 5:8-9”, it was the landlord spirit that responded, introducing himself as ‘legion,’ while the others were co-tenants. Micah 6:1 says “contend thou before the mountains, and let the hills hear thy voice.” Metaphorically, the mountain is the landlord and the hills, the co-tenants. If you eject the landlord, the co-tenants will go too, but if you only address the co-tenants, the landlord will remain, until the house is destroyed.


It is important that we understand how these spirits get access into a person. The first means is by evil dedication. Some parents dedicate their children to idols, while some landlords dedicate their house to evil powers. If you reside in such a house, the powers can gain easy access to you. Another means of access is if you are married in the spirit realm and dowry has been paid on you. Thirdly, they can enter you when there is a mark on you. Just as slaves are branded, so in the spirit realm, some people carry evil marks, which act as points of connection to such spirits. I decree that any evil mark on your spirit or forehead is wiped out today with the blood of Jesus. In some communities, what is referred to as tribal marks are not ordinary, as they can give access to evil spirits.

Landlord spirits can also enter a man from birth; this is foundational. We see such case in Mark 9:29, where the disciples of Jesus tried to cast out the deaf and dumb spirit from a man. It refused to go, until Jesus intervened and said this kind requires fasting and prayer. Again, you cannot be free from landlord spirits, when you accept and carry their properties about. These include charms, crowns, bangles, and other accessories, which some people carry both in the spirit realm and in the physical. You could be a queen in a kingdom of the spirit realm and you are putting on these accessories. Many have entered by themselves or are legally bound by consulting such powers for evil fortification. They can give you charms, which you place in your house or carry about in your body, while in some cases, they make incantations into a padlock, lock it up and give to the person to wear on the neck or waist. These make you a lawful captive as we see in Isa. 49:24-26 and are easy access of the landlord spirit into a person. Ironically, some people are enjoying these powers and don’t want to let go, yet they want to serve God. A lady said whenever she is financially broke, they give her money mysteriously. May God destroy every access of the landlord spirits into your life in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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