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Dealing with landlord spirit – Part 3

By John Okene
16 August 2020   |   3:31 am
Landlord spirits can take hold of a house in different ways. When something is buried in your house or you built on a land that was previously a shrine, then get ready for war

John Okene

Landlord spirits can take hold of a house in different ways. When something is buried in your house or you built on a land that was previously a shrine, then get ready for war. I was called upon to pray for a house where they experienced untimely death some time ago.

By investigation, I discovered that this family had ignorantly brought in a witch doctor prior to this time to put a stop to the frequent armed robbery attack upon them. Unknown to them, the charms planted by the witch doctor was responsible for the untimely death. When I came in, we had to excavate them and with prayers, that ugly experience came to an end.

Again, landlord spirits can take over a house if the previous occupants are occultic and if someone was killed and buried there. I went to dedicate a house somewhere in Delta State, Nigeria and as I closed my eyes to pray, I saw a crying baby. I paused and asked the host a few questions, which led to his confessions. He said that a baby was sacrificed during foundation. It is difficult for people to live in such a house because the cry of that little baby will constantly torment them. If a house is dedicated to Satan, all the occupants will run away because they will keep seeing strange things. You could be the owner of the building but not the owner of the house because the landlord spirit will take over. It will surprise you to know that some people’s sitting rooms are covens where witchcraft activities take place on a daily basis unknown to the owner or occupant of the house.

Sometime ago, I was invited to pray in a house in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. There, I saw a beautiful piece of artwork hanging on the wall and inscribed on it were the words: “Jesus is the head of this house”. God revealed to me that there was a big charm behind it and really when it was brought down; the charm was neatly arranged behind the frame. We had to burn it and prayer was made over the house. All of these can introduce the landlord spirit into a house.

There are certain signs to tell if the landlord spirit is in your house. First, you will always feel an evil presence around the house. Something you just cannot explain but your spirit man is not comfortable. Second, you could notice an evil trend of occurrence among the occupants. This could range from trends of divorce, untimely death, financial hardship, non-achievement and so on. You must investigate every house or property before you take possession or move in. However, if you find yourself caught up in such a situation then you need to cry out to God in prayer and for deliverance. But the first step to this is to get born again, live holy and then revoke every certificate of occupancy of the landlord spirit. May God grant you total deliverance in Jesus name.
• Every claim of the landlord spirit over my life, expire in Jesus name.

• By the blood of Jesus, I cancel every operation of the landlord spirit in my house.

• By the fire of the Holy Ghost, I revoke the certificate of occupancy of the landlord spirit in my life.

• Every evil dedication of my life by my parents that is giving the landlord spirit access into my life, be broken in Jesus name.

• Every spiritual dowry paid on me in the spirit realm, I return it by fire.

• You idol of my father/mother’s house laying claim over my life, receive fire in Jesus name.

• Every functional coven operating in my house or neighborhood, be shut down permanently in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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