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Dealing with masquerading powers – Part 1

By John Okene
27 November 2022   |   4:06 am
To masquerade means to pretend to be what you are not. It also means to wear a costume or mask to disguise or to put on a veil to hide your identity.

Rev. John Okene

To masquerade means to pretend to be what you are not. It also means to wear a costume or mask to disguise or to put on a veil to hide your identity. In 2 Cor. 11:14-15, we are told that Satan disguises as angel of light. It is not surprising, therefore, to know that his agents do the same thing even when they know that they will be condemned in judgment. Masquerades are powers or evil personalities that cover themselves with a veil whenever they attack their victims. They use the cover of the night to attack their victims. This includes witches and wizards, ancestral demons or even close associates operating with demonic powers. They can use the face of a familiar person to attack you, while their true identity remains unknown. This is why you must not be too quick to accuse anybody when you experience certain attacks in your dream.

It is important to know what these powers disguise themselves into: Firstly, they could masquerade as Christians, even pastors, preachers or prophets with large following. Many of them are occultic, yet they wear suits like ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to deceive people. You can identify them by their fruits not by their gifts because some gifts can be faked.

Satan and his agents prophesy like genuine servants of God; so, you have to be careful of where you go to. Secondly, they masquerade themselves as friends, while they are your worse enemies. I remember the story of two ladies who were best of friends. One of them perceived that her husband was having affairs with a strange evil woman and told her friend, so that they can both fast and pray over it, but not quite long the secret discussion soon became a public issue.

Both friends attended the same fellowship in the same ministry; so, the story spread fast. All the members of the fellowship, except the woman in question and the pastor of fellowship, knew who the strange woman was, but could not say it.

The woman in question was naïve and bewitched until a concerned member of the fellowship disclosed to her that the strange woman is her best friend. It was too late to do anything and she lost her husband to her so-called best friend. I pray for you, may God expose every secret enemy disguising as a friend around you in Jesus’ name.

Again, masquerading powers can disguise as angel of light, while they are angel of darkness. When they come to you watch what they say, if it is in accordance with the word of God, (Isaiah 8:20). Sometime ago, a very young believer out of excitement, embarked on a long period of fasting and prayer. All he requested for was to hear from God. The devil took advantage of his naiveness and began to tell him to do strange things.

He did not know the difference between God’s voice and that of Satan, and he was misled by masquerading power. He almost ran mad until God intervened to save the situation. Not every angelic appearance is an angel of light, whether in your dream or physical. There are ways to tell if you have met a true angel of light. Angels do not demand for worship, even if you attempt to do so in honour. If you meet an angel of light, you will tremble, no matter how anointed or holy you may be; and the angel will tell you: “Fear not.” May every season of masquerade attack in your life be cancelled in Jesus’ name.
• Rev John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. Prayer line: +2348135952623

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