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Dealing with remote controlling powers – Part 2


when you begin to spend money on the minor and ignore the major is a sign that you are under the influence of remote controlling powers. Photo: PIXABAY

Text: Romans 7:15-25

Another sign to show that one is under the influence of the remote controlling powers is when such a person suffers from serious bad luck. Anything you lay your hands on does not proper. To some, they are always having constant disappointments, especially in terms of marriage. I know of a lady who sewed four wedding gowns without marriage. She had already given up on getting married. Her first fiancé died, the second absconded, the third was already married before he met her (she was unaware of this until the day of the wedding when his wife showed up with evidence) leading to the cancellation of the marriage and the fourth had a terrible dream where he was warned not to marry her else he would die. He called off the wedding two days before the wedding. After we ran her through deliverance, that nonsense came to an end. She’s happily married now with children. Sometimes the person that wants to help you can have a bad dream about you and decide to no longer help you. I pray for you, whoever wants to use you to attack your helpers in their dream, may they receive fire in the name of Jesus. Whoever that wants to set confusion in your life, may they go down by the fire.

Also, when you begin to spend money on the minor and ignore the major is a sign that you are under the influence of remote controlling powers.

For example, someone is paying the school fees of other people’s children but is neglecting his own children. The controllers, in this case, might be your relatives. Some men spend money on women outside but neglect their own wives. There is nothing wrong with helping people outside but when you do that at the expense of your own self or family, then something or someone is controlling you. I know of a single sister who was the first graduate in her family and also working in a big construction company. She said one day, something just pushed her to write a resignation letter and send it to her boss. When her boss saw it, he was shocked and asked her why she did it but she said she didn’t know so he rejected it.

At another time when a new M.D came in, she wrote another resignation letter and he accepted it. When she was asked her reason for leaving this time, she told them that she had gotten a better offer and was travelling abroad. After leaving the company, she went to settle in her house, which she built in the village and stayed there for three years. She emptied her account and sold all her properties except the house just to cater for her family members.

When she exhausted her money, one morning, she woke up and started preparing to go to work. She kept wondering what she was doing at her house by that time. On arrival at her place of work, she was told that she had resigned three years back and was even insulting them when they wanted to know her reason for resigning. As a result, someone else had taken her place. She also discovered that the last money in her account was withdrawn one week before and the money she had been withdrawing was being spent by her relatives. I was surprised to know that someone can be under a spell for three whole years without knowing.

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