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Dealing with spirit of Laban – Part 2



Today, we shall look at more manifestations of the Laban spirit. The spirit of Laban is the spirit that uses the glory of men to shine.

Portiphar experienced God’s blessings in all he did because of Joseph’s presence in his household, yet he refused to set him free. Every power using your glory to shine or using your destiny to prosper will go down in the name of Jesus.

Secondly, the spirit of Laban is a pursuing spirit. As seen in Gen. 31:13-32, it was chasing Jacob to and fro. There was a story of a young man, who as an apprentice and served his master for five years. When it was getting to the end of his service year, the master set him up because he didn’t want to settle him. He accused the young man of stealing from him and sent him away.


The story above gave an insight on what Laban intended to do to Jacob, if God had not intervened in his case.

Whatever power is pursuing you to catch and put you in bondage will die now in Jesus name.

Again, the spirit of Laban keeps his victims in bondage and fights to ensure they don’t gain their freedom. If this spirit is operational in a particular church, it propels the founder or the pastor in-charge to place curse on any member that wishes to leave the church for another. He does that to create fear in the brethren’s lives.

Also, the spirit of Laban is an ancestral spirit from your father’s house assigned to monitor and frustrate you. It is the spirit of an idol. Laban had an idol in his house that he was always consulting to monitor Jacob’s activities.

On a particular day, when he went to consult the idol, he couldn’t find it because his daughter, Rachael took and hid it. Invariably, this brought about the end of his evil manipulation in Jacob’s life.

I pray for you, every idol of your father’s house that has been assigned to monitor your life, may the ground open and swallow them in Jesus name.

Finally, the spirit of Laban is the spirit that will not allow you to fulfil your destiny (Gen. 31:6-7). It will always fight with the aim of bringing you down to the lowest level in life.


If you discover that while working in an establishment, your salary is always being deducted, just know that the spirit of Laban is at work in your life. It can even fight and scare your destiny helpers from locating and helping you.

The following are ways to deal with the spirit of Laban. Firstly, you must be born again by confessing Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of your life.

Next, you should identify the spirit in operation in your life (Prov. 11:9b; John 8:32). Thirdly, you must engage in warfare prayers and break yourself loose from his grip. (Jer. 30:8; Ps. 18:44–48).

Finally, as God blesses you, be faithful, don’t forget your source. Remember where you got your break-through from and service it. Learn to maintain your source to ensure constant flow.

I pray for you today, every power that is waiting to turn your joy to sorrow will receive fire now in Jesus name.


Prayer Points
• My Father! Any power that does not want me to fulfil my destiny, die in Jesus name.

• My father! Let my long awaited joy manifest now by fire.

• Every idol of my father’s house that is troubling my life, in the name of Jesus, break!

• Every curse issued against my life, in the name of Jesus, break!

• Curses that make people struggle in my family, in the name of Jesus, break!

• Father! I release myself from evil blood covenants established through incision or sex in Jesus name.

• Any hidden covenant or curses established through my dream or where I went, in the name of Jesus, break!
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