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Dealing with strange battles – Part 3


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Text: Eph. 6:12; 1Cor. 15:32

Battles in life are inevitable. Every man at one time or another is faced with at least a battle. It is important that we understand the likely causes of these battles if we must deal with them.


The first of them is PLACENTA ISSUES. The euphoria of the arrival of a new child makes a lot of parents neglect how the placenta is handled, while evil family members take advantage of it to perpetuate their wickedness.

A lot of destinies have been truncated, today, as a result of placenta issues. Another indication that you will fight strange battles is if the person who gave you your first bath at birth is demonic and took away the bathwater. One of my daughters in the Lord made several attempts to travel abroad, all to no avail. When I engaged her in intense prayers one day, a voice cried from within her claiming to be the mother’s elder sister. She confessed that she took the lady’s first bathwater at birth and had locked it up in a bottle ever since.

The witch of an aunty boasted that this lady would never get married and could not find a solution to her problem anywhere. She even challenged me that I was wasting my time over this issue, as several men of God had attempted to help her all without positive results. It was a real battle, as we engaged word for word and scripture for scripture. She declared that the lady’s destiny was locked up in a bottle, kept securely in their coven, and boasted assuredly that I could not come in there.


At this point, I quoted for her [1 Jn. 3:8] “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”I told myself that just as Jesus manifested, so I manifest in that coven to destroy every evil that works against this lady. At this point, the voice within her started screaming asking how I got into the coven. She pleaded that I should not destroy all the bottles, as she showed me the one specifically for the lady. While I intensified my prayers, I told her that the lady’s deliverance was tied to that of other people who must be set free. All the bottles were destroyed and this lady alongside other people were delivered. I pray for you that any evil container holding your destiny will scatter in Jesus name. Wherever you have been tied down may God raise someone to set you free in Jesus name.

A man of God was invited to preach at an all-night service some years ago. He set out for the destination late in the evening and somewhere along the line, his vehicle developed a fault. While he waited for the heated-up radiator to cool down, he slept off inside the car that midnight. Suddenly, he was woken up by a voice from a distance. When he opened his eyes, it was a man holding a black goat at a T-junction some distance away. He quietly observed what the man was up to in that dark and lonely night. The man made some incantations calling the name “James” repeatedly. With a rope in his hands, he tied the hands, legs and mouth of the goat, pronouncing that just as the goat is tied, so would James remain tied for life. He would not be able to pray or speak, he would not make progress in life and if a car crushed this goat, so would James die untimely. When the man left, it dawned on the pastor that someone’s destiny was at stake and probably God placed him there that night to help. Immediately the man left, the pastor ran towards the goat and said, whosoever you are James, I don’t know you, but in the name of Jesus, I undo every evil that has been done against you. He then loosened the goat and commanded it (James) to go and fulfil its (his) destiny.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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