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Dealing with strange battles – Part 4

By John Okene
22 August 2021   |   4:05 am
You cannot witness a new dawn without engaging in strange battles. Jacob wrestled all night and got his victory. In our Bible text in 1 Cor. 15:32, Paul talked about wrestling with beast.


Text: 1Cor. 15:32; Mark 9:29
You cannot witness a new dawn without engaging in strange battles. Jacob wrestled all night and got his victory. In our Bible text in 1 Cor. 15:32, Paul talked about wrestling with beast. Metaphorically, this implies engaging battles with wicked or strange powers that are beastly in their act. A man brought his child to Jesus’ disciples for healing, while Jesus was away with three other disciples on the mountain. The disciples prayed all manner of prayers, yet they could not find a solution to the child’s problems. They became confused, and so it is when you engage in battles you cannot understand. When Jesus returned from the mountain, he addressed the issue and the boy was delivered. His disciples then asked why they could not cast out the demon from the boy. Jesus told them this was a special case, which could not be addressed by mere command, except with fasting and prayer. The boy’s case was a foundational issue and you need to understand and have what it takes to fight such battles. “I pray for you, if you are fighting a strange battle today, whatever you need to come out victorious, may you receive it in Jesus name.” A boy cried to me some years ago, saying he could not stop plucking out the hair on his head to eat. There was an invisible force that compelled him to do it. When we engaged in prayers, God settled his case and for the first time after about ten years, he could resist the temptation to eat his hair.

In one of our services, the Lord directed me to a sister that something was eating up the hair at the centre of her head. As I poured anointing oil on the centre of her head, she reacted very violently with manifestations. After a period of time, she returned with an incredible testimony. According to her, for over ten years, her centre hair couldn’t grow because she had a dream where a serpent was eating it up. She was also told that she could never get married. It was a period of strange battles, which she kept all to herself, not even I was aware of it, until the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for her in that deliverance service. She said she had only one hair plaiter who would have to come to her residence to plait her hair, so people would not see what she was going through. Again, she only had one hairstyle (dread lock), so that her secret would not be known. Immediately I made a declaration on that fateful day, she said the hair started growing and after three weeks, the whole hair had become even. By the time she was sharing this testimony, she was already* happily married. “May God arise speedily and intervene in all your battles in Jesus’ name.”

There are indications that point out if a person will or is fighting strange battles. The first two as earlier discussed are placenta issues and your bath water at birth. It is important that these two things are properly handled and not allowed to get into wrong hands. The third indication is generational curses. In Gen. 49:3-4, there was a curse placed on Reuben and such curses can run from one generation to another, even to the fourth. Imagine if you are a descendant of such a person, you will fight battles you don’t understand and even go for deliverance without result. There are so many people struggling in life today with such cases, not knowing it is a simple issue to be addressed. “May God give you knowledge in Jesus name.” Another indication is a crying blood speaking for vengeance. A young Nigerian lady got married abroad and when she travelled back to Nigeria, she suddenly ran mad. She was flown back abroad for medical attention, but mysteriously became okay as she landed there. On her return to Nigeria again, the insanity resurfaced.

This issue continued for a couple of time until it dawned on them that it was not ordinary. When she was brought for deliverance, a voice spoke within her that her father killed a virgin and so, all the generations will not be free from this madness. We addressed the issue, however, using the Word of God and she became okay. “May you receive victory over the powers you are fighting with in Jesus’ name.”

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