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Dealing with strange battles – Part 6

By John Okene
03 October 2021   |   3:58 am
When a man is engaged in strange battles, sometimes he is unable to comprehend what is actually happening in his life, such as in the case of Moses in our scriptural text.


Text Ex7: 15-18; Ezk29:2-3
When a man is engaged in strange battles, sometimes he is unable to comprehend what is actually happening in his life, such as in the case of Moses in our scriptural text. God instructed Moses to go ahead of Pharaoh to the river to strike the water before Pharaoh’s arrival. In doing this, God knew that there would be a spiritual battle. Pharaoh was an early riser, who serves the dragon in the water. Observe that the emblem of Pharaoh has the head of a serpent. Pharaoh is just a figurehead. There is a power behind every Pharaoh, hence in Ezk 29:2-3., God…. “I am against you Pharaoh…” And so, God addressed the serpent in the water called leviathan. Isa 27:1 says God will punish and slay this dragon and crooked serpent. So, when Moses stretched out his rod, by implication, the head of the crooked serpent was slaughtered and there was blood all over the water. It was after this encounter and the killing of all the firstborns in Egypt that the Israelites were released. In Ex 1:22, Pharaoh said every male child should be thrown alive into the river. This was a sacrifice to leviathan; so when God sent Moses there; it was to render Pharaoh powerless. I pray for you: may God strike down every power backing up your enemies in Jesus name.

When you don’t understand battles you might think it is a normal thing. Two years ago, a young man who wanted to marry a lady was flogged severely one night by invisible hands in the dream warning him to leave the girl alone. When he ran to me, there was lacerations all over his body. This could sometimes be the cause of some people’s delay or disappointment in getting married. These powers can go forth to warn intending suitors of a lady to leave her alone because they have been married to them in the spirit realm. I pray for you, every battle hindering your progress in life is terminated today in Jesus’ name. There are several indications that one will fight strange battles, and one of them is the presence of ALTAR BATTLES. This can cause confusion in people’s life, especially if they did not know that there are altars working against them. In Judges 6:25-26, Gideon did not understand why his family was poor, until an angel who addressed him as “a mighty man of valour” appeared to him. Understand that God does not address a man based on his limitation, but on his capacity.

Gideon was ordained a mighty man of valour, but the altars of his father’s house were preventing him from fulfilling his destiny. His encounter with the angel gave him a revelation that would bring about his transformation. It is note worthy that the valley of any knowledge gained is seen, when rightly engaged or else, it will be useless to the recipients. When Gideon got the right information and followed the instructions given him, he experienced total transformation. All his helpers who had abandoned him came looking for him. It was recorded that 32,000 people ran to him, but God used only 300 people to win the battle for him. Another indication of strange battles is the involvement with strange personalities, Proverbs 2:16. There are many people you see who appear normal, but the moment you associate or have sexual interactions with them, you are finished. In 1 Kings 11:1, we see that Solomon had many strange women, who turned his heart away from God and he started fighting strange battles. He lost some of his God-given benefits. Be careful whom you get involved with.

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