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Dealing with strange battles – Part 7

By John Okene
10 October 2021   |   3:01 am
An indication that you will fight strange battles in life is if you have a strong spirit spouse. This is having constant sexual intercourse in the dream. Some spirit spouse can be so wicked

Rev. John Okene

Text: Ex. 7:15-18; Ezk. 29:2-3

An indication that you will fight strange battles in life is if you have a strong spirit spouse. This is having constant sexual intercourse in the dream. Some spirit spouse can be so wicked, stubborn and destructive that it is difficult to be separated from them without God’s intervention. Oftentimes, involvement with a spirit spouse brings about a strong soul tie that negatively affects other aspects of one’s life, such as your finance, career, academics, ministry, health and even marriage, as they are often very jealous. Another indication of strange battles is strange covenant name. Your name is a prophecy of your future and so, it is important that you know the meaning of your name. If your name is associated with a strange demon, you will be fighting strange battles. Such a name is a curse and as often as it is pronounced, the curse is being re-enforced. No matter the level of anointing you carry; your name can make you struggle in life. There are instances in the Bible where God changed the names of people like Abraham and Jacob for good. I pray for you that every strange battle you’re fighting as a result of your name or family name, may it expire today in Jesus name.

There are a lot of symptoms that can tell you are fighting strange battles. The first of them is when you dream of seeing your spirit leaving your body. Secondly, you dream of being sexually violated, it could sometimes be by a personality with both male and female organs. Thirdly, when you dream of seeing another face in a mirror, this means that your true identity has been stolen. In one of our deliverance services, a word of knowledge came from God that someone’s identity had been restored. In confirmation, a lady testified that while we were praying, an old woman walked out of her, bidding her goodbye and really she was looking much younger than her usual self. There are people like that whose identity is being used by another person and so, their helpers cannot reach them. I pray for a restoration of your identity in Jesus’ name. Fourthly, you can dream of having a different family setting. Your siblings, parents, spouse and children are not the real ones you know in that dream. Again, you could discover in your dream that some parts of your body are missing. Some others dream of being married, but their father or an unknown person is the groom. This can be an indication that you are fighting ancestral battles, although some occultic fathers do actually marry their daughters in the spirit realm. One of my sons in the Lord was to get married to a lady and unknown to them, her father had married all his daughters in the spirit realm and so refused to collect dowries from suitors. After intense prayers, God brought judgment upon the man and all the daughters started getting married. Other symptoms are hearing strange footsteps behind you or knock on your door. Sometimes, you dream that a snake entered you through your private region. Again, you could dream of being installed as a king or queen in an unknown place. Being pursued by a headless creature in your dream is another sign. You dream of being raped and you feel the pain physically. In some cases, you find it difficult to complete any project like your academics, learning skills or business. Some others have strange addictions like eating your hair, sand, white chalk, peeling of sore on your body to eat and even from trash. Lastly, it could be suicidal tendencies. The solution to this is to be born again, live a holy life and do a spiritual investigation to know the root of this problem (Deut. 29:29). Engage in aggressive fasting and prayer (Mark 9:25) and seek the help of a seasoned deliverance minister.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.

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