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Dealing with the desert spirit – Part 2

By John Okene
27 March 2022   |   2:33 am
There are several signs to show that the desert spirit is in operation in one’s life. It ranges from serpentine attacks resulting in setbacks in life and even deaths to the sting of the scorpion

John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Bible Passage: Deut.
8:15; Luke 11:24.

There are several signs to show that the desert spirit is in operation in one’s life. It ranges from serpentine attacks resulting in setbacks in life and even deaths to the sting of the scorpion, which causes continuous pains and keeps one under a yoke. It also manifests as drought, which symbolises acute dryness, shortage, scarcity and even poverty as discussed in the first part of this series.

Another sign of desert spirit in operation is loneliness. Such a person could be amid people and yet lonely, just like the desert that is solitary and desolate. There could be people all around the victim, yet none can be trusted and confided in. If this explains your situation, may God comfort you on every side in Jesus’ name.

It could also manifest in form of a struggle to survive. The desert life is generally not an easy one; you struggle over everything under the heat of the scorching sun. To get water, food, shelter, help and so on: is all a life of struggles. This explains what some people go through constantly in life.

What is even more confusing is that the appearance of such persons becomes apparent, that is, they live a superficial life. They look rich, while they are poor in the real sense. When people meet them they think they have seen a helper not knowing that he or she is desperately in need of help. This is what is called Desert Prosperity.

Some people look married, yet they are single; some look healthy, yet a living corpse. The spirit hits you on the inside before it manifests physically. It gives one a form different from the real you.

The desert spirit also brings fluctuating extreme conditions in the lives of men. This day, you are swimming in wealth and in another day, you are wallowing in poverty just like a desert with two extremes of temperature. For some, a business can be booming today and before long, it has folded up. Some others can be blooming in a relationship today and suddenly, it becomes like a dream. May such fluctuating extreme conditions come to an end in your life in Jesus’ name.

The desert attack can also give a man false dreams. Things can be working out beautifully well in your dreams, but all contrary to your real-life experiences. You could dream of living in luxury, handling some fantastic contracts only to wake up to the reality of your poverty. What you see in your dream is what God has ordained you to be, but there is a power working against the fulfilment of those dreams and purpose. This spirit can completely drain the life of a man, leaving him empty. A desert encroachment into a once inhabited land is usually a horrible and unpalatable site and so, you must not let this spirit prevail in your life.

The first step to take to avoid it, is to get born again, Jn. 1:12. Second, get knowledge of what your experiences are and understand the kind of spirit that is behind them. Again, find out the door or ladder that the enemy has used to access your life. Having done this, engage in fasting and prayers, cast the spirit out of your life, Mk. 9:29. Finally, if the experiences persist, seek help from a seasoned man of God or a deliverance minister. May every desert attack over your life come to an end in Jesus’ name

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. dtimchurch@gmail.com. Prayerline: +2348135952623.

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