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Dealing with the spirit of bad luck – Part 2



Text: 1Kings 22:30-35
There is a spirit behind bad luck, which needs to be addressed. A lack of understanding of this can make the victims fight against everyone they think is instrumental to every ugly and unfortunate event they experience.

Some of the symptoms of bad luck in operation in the life of a man are regularly repeated tragedy. This is when you experience a reoccurrence of a problem within a period of time, and you must deal with it. Others are delayed blessings and last minute disappointments. Again, being singled out for rebuke or query is another sign of the spirit of bad luck in operation. Other people might commit the same offence like you did, but only you will be used as a scapegoat to teach others a lesson. Another sign you see is that helpers always change their mind towards you. All those who promise to help you in one way or the other will suddenly decline.


Finally, you find that you are always being attracted to the wrong people. Understand that the people around you matter a lot and can, to a large extent, determine your breakthrough in life. As a single lady, for instance, if everyone around you are all married and you are only attracted to married men, then there is an evil magnet in operation and getting married is not going to be an easy ride because most of such men just want to mess up with you. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, and it looks as if you are registered in the school of misfortune, then you must take action very fast. It is also important that we look at some of the causes of bad luck.

The first of them is Evil mark, as we see in Gen 4:15. God placed a mark on Cain to protect him. So also the devil can place mark on a man to attract problem to him and this can place him under a constant siege or witchcraft attacks. If you are a victim of witchcraft, they can identify you anywhere. A child who was initiated into witchcraft sometime ago was brought to one of our children deliverance services. They were all anointed afterwards and later that night, the little boy said when the fellow witches came to call him as usual for their night meetings, they were confused and argued amongst themselves, wondering if he was the same person they had known. The mark of the anointing made a difference. Secondly, you may experience witchcraft cobwebs, even in a very clean place. This attracts rejection and hatred.


Thirdly, it could be as a result of an invisible force following you like a twin spirit to collect your benefits. Fourthly, it could be curses or a spell as we see in 1 Chr 4:9-10. The name “Jabez” brought misfortune to him. Another cause is offences. You must be careful whom you offend. If it is a witch doctor or a genuine man of God, be sure to live with the consequences. Learn to live with principles, see “Prov 26:2. Again, evil altars working against you can cause bad luck. It could also be an evil aura or perfume around a man. Such a person may not have any physical bad odour, but this is a demonic perfume sprayed on him. A woman had a dream that she fell into a heap of faeces and thereafter, she suffered rejection. During one of our services, I got a word of knowledge on this and after ministering to her, she was delivered and started receiving favour from all those who rejected her. You can also be worn an evil garment in the spirit realm to attract wrong things and people to you (Zech 3:1).Rev. John Okene Divine Touch Int’l Ministries

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