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Dealing with the spirit of bad luck



Jehoshaphat the king of Judah joined forces with Ahab, king of Israel, to fight against Syria. Ahab, in his craftiness, knowing that his life was the target of this battle, decided to disguise like a common soldier, while he told Jehoshaphat to put on his kingly robe. In the heat of the battle, the Syrian captains pursued Jehoshaphat, thinking he was the king of Israel. He would have died in the place of Ahab, if he had not cried out. A lot of believers, today, are just like Jehoshaphat, so naïve and simple minded that they cannot discern when they are being used as a cover up and this eventually lands them into unbargained problems. I pray for you that every death not meant for you, may you escape it in Jesus name! Note that on your way to destiny, every man is a suspect until you arrive there. Again, as we see the spirit of bad luck in operation, when a Syrian soldier, out of frustration after discovering that Jehoshaphat was not the king of Israel, decided to shoot his bow at random. He never knew an arrow would locate the disguised king of Israel leading to his death. Ahab had been ordained to die in this battle and so, the arrow of bad luck had to locate him, even in his disguise amongst so many soldiers.


Bad luck is an unpredictable outcome resulting from an unfortunate event. There is a spirit behind it and it deprives a man access to his breakthrough. It often happens by omission or wrong timing leading to lamentation. Many have lost opportunities in life as a result of this. I know of a lady who sewed four wedding gowns at different times in attempt to get married, but faced disappointments in all. When she came to me for prayers, the yoke was broken and she finally got married. I decree that every sprit of bad luck and reoccurring evil over your life is terminated today in Jesus name! There are signs to tell if this spirit is operating in your life.

The first is when disaster singles you out as we see in the case of Ahab in our Bible text. A young man was involved in motor accident and every other passenger was unhurt while he had a badly wounded leg. About a year after, his wife had a similar accident and she died. He had barely recovered from these, when he was misidentified for a thief and was imprisoned. His life was a resource Centre for bad luck. A second sign is loss of opportunity at the edge of breakthrough. A young man who had a job interview with a multinational organisation arrived at the venue about three hours before the appointed time on the said date. He entered an elevator to take him to the tenth floor, where the hall of interview was located, but was stuck in the elevator strangely for a period of time. When he was finally rescued, the interview was over and he missed that golden opportunity. Another sign is being forgotten often in spite of your skills and talents. It is not normal for people to bypass or forget you and give to less qualified persons what ought to come to you.


Today, all those that promised to help you but have forgotten about you, may they remember you in Jesus name. When your progress in life is not commensurate with your effort, this also is bad luck in operation. You work so hard, yet there is nothing to show for it.

In some cases, you observe that your helpers suffer misfortune. A young man cried to me that all those who stood to help him suffered misfortune like job loss, death and other strange experiences. Whosoever is ordained to help you and is under attack, may they receive deliverance in Jesus name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.

Prayerline: +2348135952623


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