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Dealing with the spirit of error


Text: Rev.2: 12-17, 2 Chron.26:14-21.
The spirit of error is as old as man, and it will continue to be in operation until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Various religions in the world acknowledge the fact that there is a sovereign God, but Christianity acknowledges the son-ship, messiah-ship, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. One common indication of the spirit of error among most people is to group together all religions that believe in the existence of a sovereign God and conclude they are all serving the same God.

Another indication of the spirit of error in operation is for a person to practise two religions at the same time. Such persons might be in church and yet practise their traditional religion. Some persons might be in church and still participate in their annual masquerade festival in the village.

Others might attend church services and still go to consult a refined witch doctor. Some so-called Christians still have charms for protection on their bodies or in their houses. Some even say “heaven help those who help themselves.” All these are the work of the spirit of error. I decree every work of the spirit of error in your life is cancelled in Jesus name.


There are two major spirits in operation over the whole earth: the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. The spirit of truth liberates you from the spirit of error. John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

It is the spirit of error that will make a Christian indulge in fornication or adultery continuously and still believe he or she is on the right path to heaven. It is the same spirit that makes a Christian to hold on to the doctrine of the Nicolaitans that believe once saved always saved. Rev. 2:15-16. It is the doctrine that makes a man to continue in sin and believe that as long as he has confessed Christ as Lord and Saviour, he has licence to sin and still make it to heaven.

The spirit of error, when in operation, makes a man to always commit blunder or mistakes that will make him to regret later in life. Error or mistake can lead to destruction, untimely death and loss of exalted position, among others. For example, a mistake by a pilot on a flight or a surgeon on the operating table can cost the lives of many.


I decree every mistake programmed against the course of your destiny is cancelled today in Jesus name.

In our Bible passage in 2 Chron. 26:14-21, we see a man who was a great king in Israel being prone to the spirit of error. This was a king that started very well; very intelligent and creative. He was the first in Israel to construct machines for wars, and he introduced at that time mechanised farming with good irrigation system. When the spirit of error got hold of him, his heart was lifted up to his destruction. He made the greatest mistake of his life, when he stepped into the office of the priest to burn the incense on the altar, which Azariah the priest ought to do. Even when he was corrected by the priest, he refused to heed the priest’s appeal. Eventually, he became leprous instantly and lost his kingship. He became a leper until his death, and was ostracised from the society. His son took over the throne. I decree every error that will be costly to you in the future may God make it to be far from you in Jesus name.

Error is both of the mind and of the spirit. This spirit leads men to make erroneous judgment and decision, which eventually leads to failure and calamity in life. Many have lost their jobs, lives, relationships, integrity and even position because of the spirit of error.

Prayer Points
• Father! Any error or mistake that will cost me my life in future, let it be far from me in Jesus name.


• Father! I overthrow every spirit of error in my life and family in Jesus name.

• Father! Arise in your power and deliver me from the suffering that came as a result of past errors in Jesus name.

• I receive by fire the spirit of good judgment, in Jesus name.

• Every stronghold of wrong thoughts that is making me to commit blunders, in the name of Jesus, scatter by fire!

Rev. John Okene
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