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Dealing with the spirit of Laban – Part 1



The word Laban means light, but most times, those bearing the name live contrary to its meaning. The spirit of Laban is a manipulating spirit. This spirit is not different from the spirit of witchcraft because it manipulates men. Manipulation is different from oppression.

Manipulation means pretending to like someone or pretending to love someone, but behind the scene he/she is the cause of the person’s problem. Our Bible text talks about a man called Jacob. He worked for 20 years, but never knew he was being manipulated. From the onset, Laban had proposed in his heart to exchange Leah for Rachael. After Jacob worked for seven years to have Rachael, he was given Leah and was told that the younger was not given out before the first one.

So, he had to work for another seven years to have Rachael. Secondly, the spirit of Laban is the spirit that pushes a man to marry the wrong partner. The wife Jacob wanted to marry was Rachael, but at the end of the day, he was given Leah, and had no choice but to marry her. Again, it is the spirit that pushes a man into polygamy. Jacob had no plan of marrying two wives.


It was Laban that pushed him into marrying two wives, which made Jacob to become a polygamist. When the spirit of Laban is operating in a man’s life or in your father’s house, it causes you to have extra marital affairs that will lead to having a child outside wedlock or to get married to another woman, thereby making you a polygamist. Another attribute of this spirit is that, it does not give you what you deserve; rather, it gives you what you despise. Jacob worked for seven years to have Rachael, but by the time he wanted to get what he had worked for, they gave him another one. Jacob despised Leah but loved Rachael because she was his dream woman, hence God had to open Leah’s womb and closed the womb of Rachael, so that she could have Jacob’s love.

Some years ago, a man came to see me and said he had three Master’s degrees and had been working in a company where he earned just N13, 000 monthly for the past 15 years. He worked from Monday to Sunday every week yet there was no promotion. He desired to get a better job, but he couldn’t and hence had to stick to what he had. I prayed with him and within two months, he got a better job with a good salary package. Lastly, the spirit of Laban is the spirit of the emptier (Luke 22:31). The spirit of the emptier wants to remove the main content in you and make you a carcass. He will empty everything from you and then releases you empty (Gen. 31:42).

It can make a man to travel to another country for greener pasture and then return empty-handed. It can also make you to labour and yet live empty. The spirit of the emptier is the spirit that can make one to go to school for years without a result to show for it. The spirit of Laban can make couple to be childless so as to make them empty. A pastor waited till the age of 50 after much prayers and fasting before getting married. The wife became pregnant, but during delivery, the woman died though the baby came out alive. Three years later, the pastor was encouraged to remarry, which he did. One year later, the second wife also got pregnant, but on delivering the baby she died. It means lightning struck twice, and two children were born without their mothers.

The pastor became discouraged and resigned from his pastoral assignment. He went into serious fasting and prayers, and began to pray like this: “Whosoever is responsible for the death of the mothers of my children, go mad and die without remedy”. Twenty days into his fasting and prayers, he heard that his mother had gone insane. She confessed to killing her son’s wives in the coven. The pastor was living with the enemy but did not know.
I prophesy to you that whoever has vowed to make your life empty, may they receive fire now in Jesus name.
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