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Deliverance from placenta witchcraft



Text: Ezekiel 16:4
A placenta is an intermediary between a pregnant woman and the foetus through which the baby is connected to the umbilical cord and is responsible for taking oxygen, food and carbon dioxide, among others to and from the foetus. Emotions are also passed through the placenta to the unborn child. Most times, if there is a curse in the life of the mother, it automatically flows through the placenta to the foetus spiritually.

Placenta Witchcraft can be seen as an act or a continuous act in which a person or group of persons or powers get hold of a man’s placenta to manipulate, control or truncate the man’s destiny. The act also includes what we call placentophagy, which is the act of eating placenta, using it to make medicine or for ritual purpose by witch doctors.

I heard a story about a nurse that was caught with a placenta. She was asked to take the placenta to the husband of the lady that just put to bed. But unknown to them, the nurse had made arrangement with a witch doctor to supply him the placenta of a new born baby for N80, 000 and she had been looking for an opportunity to get one. Immediately she saw the lady’s husband was not around, she took the placenta and was going out of the hospital. She was apprehended by someone else, who asked where she was going with the new baby’s placenta. While being interrogated, the lady’s husband arrived on the scene. The nurse was severely beaten and she confessed.

The life power house of a baby is the placenta, when a baby is given birth to, if the placenta is gotten hold by demonic power, it means the power house of that child has been held bound. Many people are suffering today because they are under placenta bondage.

There was a sister who waited for so many years for marital breakthrough. She came to me for prayers, and while praying for her, the Lord told me to tell her to buy clothe for her mother and she should pray, anoint it and take it to her mother and ask her about her placenta. She did as instructed and when she asked the mother about her placenta, the mother laughed and told her she has been tying her placenta on her waist for 39 years. She took the placenta from her mom, brought it and I prayed for her, that was how she got deliverance.

Placenta witchcraft is manifested in the following way: if you suffer the same affliction as your parents. It is a sign that there was a spiritual transfer of the problem to you via the placenta. Secondly, when you are having anti-marriage problem that defies solution. Thirdly, when you always see a pot or tree in your dream, it means that your placenta is connected to that tree or pot. Fourthly, when you find yourself always suffering from near success syndrome, when you discover that you are not independent and find yourself always being controlled by your parents, even as an adult, it shows you are under the bondage of placenta witchcraft. If you have prayed all kinds of prayer, sowed seeds yet the problem still defies solution, it is a sign you are under the bondage of placenta witchcraft, and lastly when you see yourself always dreaming of a particular place, your village or a city where you were born; it could be there is a connection of your placenta to that place.

The way to break loose is by being aggressive in prayer. Secondly, you must go to your parents and find out what was done with your placenta and how it was disposed. Thirdly, you should go for deliverance, if you discover that your placenta has been tampered with.

The following are some ways you can dispose the placenta: give the placenta to your husband and not someone else, because the woman might be so weak and may not be aware of what is going on. Then the husband should take an anointing oil to anoint it, make declaration on it (psalm 24) and either bury it or burn it by putting dusting powder on it to make it dry, so it can burn effectively.
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