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Deliverance of the firstborn – Part 1



Text: Gen. 48:13-19; 49:1-4
A close look at the scripture gives us a clue why firstborns go through a lot of struggles in life. I often wonder why in some familities, the firstborns tend to be wayward, go through struggles in life and to some others; their lives are filled with shame and regrets.

In Gen. 48:13-19, when it was time for Joseph’s sons to be blessed, the same power that makes firstborn to miss it at the edge of breakthrough showed up and made Joseph’s first son to miss his rightful position. The same thing goes for Reuben; the power pushed him to sleep with his father’s concubine. When the news got to the father, he kept mute until it was time for Rueben to receive his father’s blessings and the father remembered his past evil deeds and told him “… unstable as water”, thou shall not excel. He got a curse from his father. Let’s briefly take a look at some firstborns in the scriptures: Adam, who was the firstborn of God, sinned against God and was driven from the Garden (Gen. 3:14-24). The firstborn of Adam was Cain. Cain and his brother Abel offered sacrifice to God. While Abel’s sacrifice was accepted, Cain’s own was rejected, which made Cain to kill his brother Abel and God cursed him and made him a vagabond on earth (Gen. 4:8). God placed a mark on Cain, so that anyone that sees him will not kill him. Similarly, the devil places a satanic mark on some firstborns to mark them out for destruction, so that whatever they do, they will not prosper.


My Father!! Every mark of hatred or rejection upon my life or on my firstborn, I wipe it off in Jesus name. Noah’s firstborn happens to be Ham. When they came out of the ark, Noah made a mistake and got drunk. Ham saw him naked, and instead of covering his father’s nakedness, he invited his siblings to come and see their father drunk and naked. When his brothers got there, they took a blanket, went backward and covered their father. When he woke up, he asked who covered him and inquired from Shem how they got to know of his situation. He was told that it was Ham that notified them. Noah got angry with Ham and couldn’t place a curse on him because God’s blessings were upon him. Rather, he placed a curse on Ham’s firstborn, Canaan, by declaring that he wound be a servant in the land. Canaan became a servant, despite all his effort to move forward in life. In Gen. 21:10-15, we see another case of Abraham’s firstborn Ishmael who was driven out. He was the first, even though he came from the bondwoman. The father’s blessing went to the second born, Isaac. Isaac also had two sons Esau and Jacob (Gen. 27:23-40). When it was time for Isaac to give his first son Esau the blessing, Jacob came in and craftily collected the blessing meant for his brother. Meanwhile, when it was time for Jacob to bless his children, Reuben, his firstborn, also missed it (Gen. 49). Joseph got the blessing, but when it was time to pass it on to his sons, Manasseh who was the firstborn missed the blessing and it was given to Ephraim the second son.

Why are the firstborns missing it, when it comes to the time where they are supposed to have a testimony? It is because there is a satanic force somewhere that does not want them to enjoy the blessings. Let’s take a look at the life of Jesse. When it was time for his children to receive blessings, Jesse’s firstborn, Elias, was rejected. The eighth child, a teenager in the wilderness, called David, got the blessing. David’s first born, Abnom, did not make it to the throne (2 Sam. 13:1-30). Abnom slept with his own sister, committing incest with her and because of that, his brother Absolom killed him. The firstborn of God, Jesus, made it because He never treaded the path of error, and He went to the cross and died for our sake to correct every negative pattern experienced by firstborns.
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