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Deliverance of the firstborn – Part 2



When I carried out a study on the life of Solomon, I was amazed at how he started well and didn’t end well. Also, in 1 Sam. 1:28, Samuel made it because his life was sold out to God, but Samuel’s firstborn never made it to the top, despite the fact he was made a judge in Israel. He didn’t walk in the way of God but ran after lucre, took bribes, and perverted judgment. The elders gathered and protested against him and he was removed. (1 Sam. 8:1-7)

The reason firstborns are under attack is because they are pacesetters. They are the family’s glory and honour. If the devil can attack them, he can get the rest of the children in the family. Again, the firstborn has influence over the other children in the family; hence he is meant to be the mentor to them. Take a close look at Aaron’s firstborns, Eli and Samuel, when they made a mistake, the influence of their mistake rubbed off on their siblings because their younger ones followed suit. If the devil can get the firstborn to become wayward, to be an armed robber or to be initiated into witchcraft, he can also push the other children to do same, as there will be a rub off of the negative influence on them too.

I pray for you today, every plan of the enemy to get your firstborn, so that they can influence the other children to go the wrong way, will be destroyed in Jesus name.Another reason the firstborn is under attack is because he/she is the heir in the family. If that child happens to come from a polygamous family, then he will be under severe attack. Again, if the father is occultic or the mother is a marine princess or an idol worshipper, the firstborns are usually willed to the gods/demon as their successors. Per adventure, if the child refuses to follow their path, he/she becomes subjected to demonic attacks. The fourth reason is because of the star of the firstborn.


Every family/individual has a unique star. Spiritual astrologists are able to detect an individual’s star (Matt. 2). For example, if they see five similar stars, they conclude that it is a family of five and can determine the position of the father, mother, and the remaining children, based on the chronological arrangement of the stars. If they look at the very first star after the father and mother’s and find it shinning brighter than the rest; they might cover it from shinning, thereby making the child to struggle in life.

The following are ways firstborn can be redeemed. Firstly, you have to dedicate your firstborn to God. The first is likened to your first fruit that is not compromised. God said every firstborn that comes out belongs to Him. In Exo. 34:19, a token was usually taken to the High Priest for the firstborn’s redemption. The High Priest comes in and makes a declaration that the child is now redeemed and releases the blessing on him. Those who didn’t dedicate their firstborn to God pave way for the devil to take over and fight the child (Prov. 3:9-10). In Judges 11:35-40, Jephthah offered his daughter as a sacrifice to God. She stayed in the temple and served God all through her life. Again, every firstborn must give his/her life to Christ or rededicate their lives to Christ, if they are living in sin. Thirdly, they must live a holy life. Also, they should cry unto God for deliverance. Finally, sow a seed that God will use to redeem you as the firstborn.

Prayer Points
• My destiny, in the name of Jesus come out from every cage by fire.
• Powers responsible for evil patterns in my bloodline in the name of Jesus die.
• Every covenant of darkness behind evil patterns in my life in the name of Jesus break!
• Every power assigned to enforce the repetition of evil occurrence in my life in the name of Jesus die.
• Any tongue rising up against my progress in the name of Jesus be silenced now by fire.
• Ancestral powers troubling my life in the name of Jesus die.
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