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Deliverance of the legs and feet


James O. James

Last week, we talked about the deliverance of the head. Today, we shall equally be looking at the deliverance of the legs and feet. This is so vital because your feet have been given to you to exercise dominion, which means power, authority, rulership, control and command. Therefore, your feet are to establish your rule and control.

However, legs and feet can be attacked or bewitched, so that the person’s life becomes full of problems, shame and disgrace. Powers target legs to make them weak and not achieve destiny. In 2 Chronicles 16:10-14, we are told about King Asa who started well but finished badly because he was “diseased” in the feet. I believe he would have achieved much more but for his feet that were attacked. Wicked people can put charms on the road you take, so that your legs can be attacked, polluted or bewitched.

A polluted, weak or paralysed leg cannot survive in today’s life because such people develop incurable leg diseases, inexplicable disappointments and rise and fall syndrome.


How to know your feet are under attack or bewitched:
• If you are always walking into trouble – when you are always at the wrong place!
• If you are accident-prone.
• If you are always sustaining leg injuries.
• If you are always arriving late and missing good opportunities.
• No breakthrough in spite of hard work.
• People who help you, become victims of attacks.
• When you are constantly being disappointed.
• When you see your leg wounded, lame or paralysed in the dream.
• When you see your legs in chains or tied with ropes in the dream.

How to deal with legs/feet attacks.

In Luke 10:19, the Bible says that God has given us power to tread upon serpents and scorpions. Serpents and scorpions represent the embodiment of all evil powers. That is to say we are to subdue them and bring them under control. However, the promises of God are AUTHENTIC but not AUTOMATIC. You need to pray them into manifestation and only aggressive warfare prayers can empower you to overcome such attacks. May your legs become powerful and not lame or polluted!

When you buy a land, the first thing to do is to stand at the centre of the land and take spiritual possession of it. Sack all landlord and resident spirits from the land in Jesus name. Do the same if you buy a house you didn’t build.

Prayer points:
• Scorpions and serpents assigned against my legs, release me by fire and die.
• Every arrow fired into my legs, go back to sender.
• Every spiritual worm assigned to devour my legs gradually, come out and die.
• Every object buried against the fruitfulness of my legs, be uprooted and scatter by fire.
• Every personality hiding in my feet to direct me to the wrong places of life, die.
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