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Delivered and Preserved



Text: 2 Tim. 4:16-18

A closer look at many of the letters that Apostle Paul wrote reveal that he was fond of injecting prayers for others and for himself. Some examples of such prayers in Pauline letters could be found in Rom. 16:20; Phil. 4:19; 2Thes. 3:5,16, and Heb. 13:20-21. Our passage today contains a very powerful prayer of Paul, especially in verse18. It was a prayer for deliverance and preservation. This will be the focus of this message titled, “Delivered And Preserved.” These two things, the Lord will do for you just as He did for Apostle Paul, Amen.


What Kind Of Prayer?

Delivered and preserved was a Prayer:
• At Time Of Trial. In verse 16, Paul speaks of defence and that means there must be a trial. Paul was under legal and illegal, regular and irregular trials. As many who are under trials, may the Lord vindicate you, Amen.  
• At A Time Of Desertion-v.16. Paul made it clear that at the time of his trial, all men forsook him. This means the apostle was forsaken by his friends when he needed them most, and this made him the more helpless and frustrated. This, undoubtedly made him discover how frail they were.

• At A Time Of Divine Strengthening. V.17. When all men forsook Paul, God stood with him and strengthened him. His lack of human help gave room for total divine help. Paul was upheld by Divine grace and divine presence.
• It Is A Prayer That Must Go On. According to Paul, the prayer for deliverance and preservation is a prayer that must go on. After he had been delivered out of the mouth of the lion, he prayed for two things. These are:
• Deliverance From Every Evil Work – He prayed that none of the evil designs formed against him to make him unfaithful, or unsteady shall succeed in his life. No problem will be so strong to hold him down. May the Lord deliver us from every evil work of the wicked, and that of unreasonable men. May all their attempts and evil designs fail over our lives in Jesus name.
• Preservation For The Heavenly Kingdom – Paul did not only pray for deliverance, but also prayed to be preserved unto God’s heavenly kingdom. To him, of what use is earthly victories without heavenly kingdom? No matter what great heights we attain in life, we must keep the heavenly glory in view. The ultimate goal of Satan is to hinder us from entering God’s kingdom. May the Lord not only deliver us from evil works, but also preserve us for His heavenly kingdom, Amen.

The deliverance Paul experienced was great, divine, seasonable and continuous. He was grateful and expected a preservation for God’s heavenly kingdom. He declared, to the Lord be the glory now and forever and ever. May the Lord deliver you, preserve you and be glorified in your life now and forever. Amen. Shalom.

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