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Demonic doorways – Part 2


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Text: Ephesians 4:27,
Mark 7:25-30.

One of the doorways the devil uses to access a man’s life is illicit sex. This is sex outside marriage. If you sleep with a demon-possessed person, you will get automatically initiated. Some years ago, I ministered at a crusade held in a tertiary institution, and a young man who was popular for his social and immoral activities on campus was touched by the move of God’s power.


He confessed that his penis was a serpent and that every girl he had sex with, he discharges little serpents into them, which grow up to become bigger serpents to torment them. By this satanic programming, all of his victims get initiated. You must be careful not to allow the pleasure of 5 minutes to put you into a lifetime of bondage.

The Bible is very clear on this issue when it says in Lev. 18:6-25 that practices like incest, homosexualism, and bestiality are an abomination. Today, gayness, lesbianism, having sex with relatives and even animals have become the order of the day, while some are even known to have sex with corpse. These are all demonic doorways. A middle-aged pregnant lady walked into my office some time ago weeping. She was accompanied by a young man who I got to know was her son and responsible for her pregnancy. I broke down myself weeping because I had never seen such a level of deprivation and sacrilege.

Another demonic doorway is a consultation with fake prophets, where they do all kinds of terrible things like having sex with their female clients, burning candles, bathing in the river, and all kinds of terrible things. Most of them use familiar spirits, witchcraft, or occultic spirit, and this is automatically transferred to the victim. Again, accursed items in your possession can open doors to demons in your life. Duet 7: 25-26 says you should not desire the silver or gold on any demonic altar; neither should you take it upon yourself, lest it becomes a snare and a curse to you. Such accursed things include jewelry you bought with demonic inscriptions on them. Some buy pictures of a crying baby or something unpleasant like a struggling man or suffering woman and hang it on the walls of their house. Note that there is a spirit behind such items that become operational in your life. Other accursed things include houses where rituals have been performed, persons were buried alive, suicide occurred or occultic persons lived. Land space where evil practices occurred or used to be an evil forest before development and expansion brought residence there are also not good. Long after such incidences occurred, the spirits may not leave, until proper prayers are rendered there. I pray for you, any demonic house you find yourself, today, may God bring you out in Jesus’ name.


Another entry point of demons into a man is cuttings on the body. This comes in the form of tattoos, incisions, and even in some cases, tribal marks. Burial rites like the shaving of hair, drinking bath water from the corpse, second burial, and remembrance are also accessed ways of demons, be careful. Avoid every form of demonic rituals like sleeping in the cemetery, sprinkling blood on your body, taking blood covenants, and evil dedication. Engaging in idolatry and occultism also opens doors to demons. Understand that unforgiveness and bitterness also open doors to demons in your life. You must desist from such practices as gambling, drugs, and alcohol addiction. Finally, beware of negative confession, Prov. 6:23 says you are snared with the words of your mouth. This is why names are important, they are words spoken as often as they are called. Your name is a prophecy into your future and can be used as a demonic doorway. If you find yourself in the web of any of these demonic doorways, you must, first of all, repent of your sins, identify the doors, close them and cry to God in prayers. Seek the help of a higher hand in deliverance.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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