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Destined great but caged – Part 2


John Okene

There are certain things we need to understand about Samson’s caged destiny, if we are to avoid the pitfalls of Samson. The first is that he was in the wrong location. He was supposed to be in Jerusalem, but found himself in Gaza. There is a limit to what you can achieve, if you are in the wrong location because everything you need to succeed in life, God has already placed it where He wants you to be. Remember that your location determines your allocation and even in the spirit realm, a lot of people are wrongly located. When God asked Adam “Where Art Thou?” Of course, physically, Adam was still in the garden, but no longer in the spiritual state God expected to meet him. Samson was destined to be a Judge in Israel, a ruler in Jerusalem, a palace figure; yet he found himself in the prison. How could he have fulfilled his potential? Many people have found themselves, today, in locations where their gift is not relevant and so, they are wasting away. This is as good as being caged. When God puts a gift in a man, He places him where he will be relevant but somehow, the powers that be can manipulate such a person to the wrong location. If a young lady who is single, for instance, is always in the company of married men, how does she hope to get a young man for a husband? May God relocate you from every wrong company you have found yourself in Jesus name.

The second thing to consider about the life of Samson is that he was on the wrong assignment. A man who was ordained to be a deliverer to Israel found himself in a bakery rolling mill. “What God has not commanded; He is not committed to bless” (Rev. John Okenes). God makes provision for every assignment He gives and so, if you are on the wrong assignment, it is a sign that you are already caged. The powers of darkness are so wicked that they can divert a man to the occupation, where he can be frustrated to the point of failure. You can only be a star where God has called you to be, so stop farming on the wrong farmland because you cannot succeed there. I pray for you that every profitless hard labour in your life comes to an end today in Jesus name. Another thing we see about Samson is that his eyes were plucked out. This signifies that he had no vision. Vision can be in two ways; having an INSIGHT, that is your talent or giftings, your capability or what you are called to do. The other one is a FORESIGHT, which is your destination. A man without vision cannot become great in life; he is easily tossed here and there in any direction like Samson. Today, the problems of life have blinded some people and so, they have lost their focus in life.

They have become merely religious, just going in and out of church without zeal. They need revival. If that is your case, I pray for a fresh zeal and vision upon you in Jesus name. Whatever has plucked off your eyes or eaten up your zeal receives fire today. When a man’s vision is taken, it also means that he can no longer read the Bible again. Such a person can watch movies for hours, but lacks the zeal to read the Word of God for daily spiritual nourishment and sustenance. Whatever you desire in life, if you can search it out and see it in the WORD, you can become it in the WORLD. Your next level is hidden in the Word of God, and as you read it more and more, He reveals Himself to you [2 Cor. 3:18] in different dimensions according to your needs.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State
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