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Destroying evil covenant – Part 1

By John Okene
11 August 2019   |   2:33 am
One major source of problem in people’s lives is evil covenant. This force is so strong and binding that, if it is in operation in an individual’s life, it wreaks havoc.


One major source of problem in people’s lives is evil covenant. This force is so strong and binding that, if it is in operation in an individual’s life, it wreaks havoc.

Covenant is defined as an agreement or a contract between two or more people to fulfil some tasks with a condition attached to it. The attached condition is the binding force, because as long the condition is met, the covenant is operational, but the day the condition is broken, the covenant is annulled. A covenant could also be likened to an invisible chain binding two or more people together. For example, if a man enters into an evil cult and there is a blood covenant, this is an invisible chain tying him to that cult. As long as the chain is not broken, all the effects of the covenant will be operational in his life, but when the chain is broken, his connection to that cult is automatically broken completely.

Gen. 31:44 gave us an insight of the covenant or agreement entered by Laban and Jacob. When Jacob left Laban, he pursued him and wanted to harm him, but God appeared and told him to refrain from the planned act. When he finally caught up with Jacob, he told him everything he saw in his dream and he entreated him to an agreement, which they did and took a stone and set it upon a pillar and that stone became a token of the covenant taken.

There are basically two types of covenant: physical covenant and spiritual covenant. The spiritual covenant comprises of Godly and Evil covenant. Godly covenant is a divine covenant you enter with God, which makes God’s spirit to be operational in your life. Evil covenant is the covenant entered unknowingly with the devil that has a repercussion to destroy one’s life. Automatically, demons are released to ensure you keep to the terms of the covenant. If you break the terms of the covenant, the demons will unleash the penalty of breaking it on you. You can’t just wake up and break it by yourself and declare that the covenant is no longer binding on you, or else, you will be in trouble because the demons will go after you, to either destroy you or make your life a living hell, including that of your family. For you to break the covenant, you must involve Jesus and a deliverance minister that is skilled in that area to help you. The physical one has to do with covenant entered with men. The covenant with men is a covenant you enter with someone in order to do something for the person or an agreement to do something on behalf of someone or acting in his stead. An example is an agreement entered by an apprentice with his boss, that he would work and serve him for a period of time, after which he would be established by the boss.

The following are facts about covenant: A covenant is a legal binding and a written or verbal agreement to do or not to do certain things. There was a time God was in an agreement with earth and He tol earth to write someone childless, that the man will not prosper. (Jer. 22:29). It was a spiritual written agreement that can’t be seen physically. For every contract you enter, there is a written agreement that is binding all the parties either physically or spiritually. Again, a covenant is designed for establishing friendship.

In 1 Sam. 18:3, we see an agreement between David and Jonathan. In olden times, you often see Kings of different kingdom entering covenants to establish friendship and also for continuation of the friendship, which continues to the younger generations. Also, a covenant can be made on behalf of someone. You might not be there but someone that has an authority figure over you can enter a covenant on your behalf especially if that person happens to be your parents. They can make a decree of what they want to see in your life and it will come to pass.

A covenant can be positive or negative, depending on who or what is involved. An example of a good covenant is the case between God and Noah’s family (Gen. 6:18), when God had an agreement with him, that He was going to save and protect him, when He destroys the earth with water.

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