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Destroying evil covenant – Part 2



Text: Isa. 28:18

A covenant is also designed for mutual protection. In Gen. 26:28-29, we see a covenant between Isaac and Abimelech the King of Gerar that they will no longer attack Isaac because they have seen that God has blessed him and they want to be at peace with him because prior to that time they were always attacking him and closing all the wells his servants dug.

In (Gen. 15:9-17), God told Abram that He has given him the land of the Chaldeans. While Abram was contemplating how possible that would be, God told him that He will enter into a covenant with him and He asked him to take some listed animals, cut them in two(s) apart from the birds and placed them over each other.


At a point, the light passed through the sacrifice and God entered into a covenant of blessing with Abram and promised to bring his seeds from captivity. As a born again Christian, you are in a covenant with God through Jesus Christ hence you have to continually do his word to enjoy the blessings of the covenant.

Knowledge or ignorance of the covenant does not stop its operation or repercussion in your life. We handled a case some years back where a sister had difficulty in having a child. In the course of our prayers God revealed that five years ago, her husband cohabited with a lady and got her pregnant, later on, he denied paternity of the child and pushed her out of his house. The lady later gave birth to the baby but the baby died. She got so pained because of her loss and cursed the man that “the cry of a baby will never be heard in his house”.

Some years later, the man got married to another lady and this lady in question was finding it difficult to have a child. Each time she was pregnant, she will either suffer a miscarriage or have a stillbirth. I sent for the husband and told him to look for the lady he offended and beg her for forgiveness. They met her and begged for forgiveness and she forgave him. After this, we ran her through a deliverance session and she got pregnant and gave birth to her baby. Today, they have three children.

You need to be careful how you make promises that you are not ready to keep because some have entered into covenant via that process. For example, if a leader of a community, nation or the family enters into a covenant with another nation or community, whatever he says there is binding to everyone under his authority or rulership. Some persons today are suffering from the consequences of the covenant their great grandparents entered with a particular deity and as long as the covenant is not broken, it keeps on running in the family.

For every covenant that is established, there must be a covenant token. Covenant token is a sign or symbol of the covenant. A token could also be a pot, sacrifice, a nail or an element to represent a seal of the covenant. (Isa. 44:25, 22:25). The nail in the scripture above could be likened to a covenant token. Some wicked persons take nails, drive it into a tree or wood and make evil pronouncements that “as long as the nail is fastened to the tree, their victim will never prosper, get married, get Visa or come out of a particular sickness”. This is normally done in a sure (safe) place meaning a place where nobody can have access to in order to undo what they have done in that spot. During the course of one of our deliverance services, a sister, while praying fervently saw a padlock that was used to lock her womb and someone handed over the padlock to her and told her they have released her. In the preceding month, she got pregnant and now she has five children.

The covenant token differs. In marriage, the covenant token could be the ring. The ring is not the covenant but a token. The token is a sign to show that you are married. When God entered into a covenant with Abraham, He made use of a covenant token of circumcision, hence the entire male in his household was circumcised. In Gen. 9:16, God entered into a covenant with Noah and the earth not to destroy the earth with water and the token used was the rainbow. Anytime a rainbow appears in the sky, it is a reminder of God’s covenant with Noah.

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