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Destroying evil covenant – Part 3



Text: Isaiah 28:18
People can enter into a covenant willingly or unwillingly for wealth, power or fame via dreams or sexual intercourse with an agent of darkness. When you have sexual intercourse with a marine agent, you are automatically covenanted unwillingly. Some people are witches today because they were fed in their dreams. During one of our children’s deliverance programmes, some children confessed that they were being fed in their dreams by their aunt, teachers and friends, among others. After eating the food, they began to fly every night. At other time, they saw the people that gave them food coming to carry them in their dream to the coven.

There are different categories of evil covenant: Marine covenants are covenants entered with marine powers. For example, the Igbe worshippers and people that worship the water gods/goddesses are automatically covenanted to them. In Jer. 29, the Bible tells us Pharaoh was completely connected to the marine. He was described as the dragon that liveth in the midst of the river. Very early every morning, Pharaoh would go to the river to worship the marine god/goddess, and that was why God instructed Moses to get to the river and stretch his rod towards it, in order to crush the head of the river god called leviathan before Pharaoh arrives.

Leviathan was the one supporting Pharaoh. He was deadly, wicked, and arrogant and was the one that dealt with Job. If you always dream and see yourself by the riverside or in the river, either swimming, fishing, paddling a canoe, or with a group of persons singing and clapping their hands, be rest assured that there is a marine covenant is operational in your life. A man that has marine covenant operational in his life always struggles with spirit of lust and is very promiscuous.


When they get involved in sexual activities with someone, the spirit is transferred to the person, thereby leading to multiplication of the demons. Having wet dreams and suffering from spirit spouse attacks are mostly marine-related. If one who is under marine covenant decides not to be a party to it anymore without total surrender to Jesus Christ, he will either suffer insanity or abject poverty.

The second category is witchcraft covenant. There are three ways you can enter into witchcraft covenant; either through the food you ate in your dream, the evil contaminated food you ate in the physical or by being involved in witchcraft practices. (Micah 5:12). In witchcraft modus operandi, the principality and witchcraft spirit, which is the enforcement agent, are mostly placed to operate in families.

Again, we have ancestral covenant, which involves entering into a covenant with an ancestral deity. It might involve the parents entering into the covenant and agreeing that all the children from their linage will serve the deity and in return, the deity will either give them wealth, fame or children. To some, their parents were looking for a child and in order to get one, they entered into a covenant with a deity saying, “the child and other children they will have will serve him,” thereby covenanting all the children to the deity.

A sister came for our deliverance programme. After the prayers, she had a revelation and went to meet her mother. Her case was handled by a centralised demon of three rivers that was linked together. That was where the mother went for consultation in order to have a child.

The demon told her she would have six children, but her first daughter would never get married. She agreed and a covenant was entered. The first daughter was 56 years, yet not married because she was already married to the deity by reason of the covenant the mother entered, while the other five children were living in abject poverty.

Also, there is the covenant of death (Isa. 28:18). Death in this context is in three forms: it is a state or condition, a personality or spiritual entity and a force (Rev 6:8). When a covenant is entered with death, the above three things can happen to either release the power or force of death. Death covenant is entered in two ways: certain persons enter into covenant in their father/mother’s house that when death comes, it will not take them. Rather, they will exchange their heads with another member of the family; hence, someone else will always die in their stead. Also, someone can enter into a death covenant on behalf of another person, so that the person would die prematurely.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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