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Destroying evil covenant – Part 4

By John Okene
01 September 2019   |   2:55 am
Another category of evil covenant is blood covenant. Certain persons entered into blood covenant ignorantly. Most did that while in a relationship; they cut themselves and licked the blood. One covenant that is hard to break is blood covenant.


Another category of evil covenant is blood covenant. Certain persons entered into blood covenant ignorantly. Most did that while in a relationship; they cut themselves and licked the blood. One covenant that is hard to break is blood covenant.

Below are ways people enter into evil covenants. Through satanic dreams. Some enter unknowingly via eating in the dream, having sexual intercourse in the dream and being carried to the river, among others. If you have any of these dreams and do nothing about it, the situation will remain the same.

Again, people enter into evil covenant through sexual intercourse outside marriage. Anytime one in involved in illicit sex or adultery, there is a transfer of demons and a soul tie is established, which is a covenant. It becomes more terrible, if that is your first sexual experience. Evil covenant can also be entered through incision. When a covenant is made via blood, a demon is released immediately to supervise it. Occultism such as Ogboni confraternity, Sea dogs, age group cult and masquerades cult, among others, is another form through which people enter into evil covenant.

You can enter into evil covenant via the kind of clothes you wear. Sharing clothes with friends or family members, who are possessed by demon can put you at risk of being initiated because of the presence of demons that is domicile in everything that belongs to them. Just as the cloth of an anointed man of God carries the anointing, so the cloth of a satanic agent also carries the satanic anointing. Whenever you buy fairly used clothes and attachment/weave-on, always pray on them before use.

Having an evil name that is connected to an idol/deity can establish an evil covenant in your life. Again, you can be covenanted through your picture. Someone can get hold of your picture and enter into an evil covenant with you. Also, one can be covenanted via evil association. If you have a friend that is a witch, an occultist or marine agent, somewhere along the line because of the association, you will be initiated unknowingly.

It can also occur through spiritual bathing, where one was taken to the river for bathing or was given a sponge and soap to go and bath in a river and then throw away the sponge after bathing. By so doing, his/her destiny has been hacked and an evil covenant is already entered into. An evil covenant can be established via inheritance. If your parents entered into a covenant, there is a tendency for you also to be part of that covenant.

The manifestations of evil covenant are as follows: When you have evil presence around you or you feel something following you in the form of a shadow, bird, lizard etc., it is a sign that an evil covenant is operational in your life.

Also, having financial failure and being indebted all the time could be a sign that there is a covenant or curse of poverty operating in your life. Again, delay in marriage or childbearing could be linked to a marine covenant with a spirit spouse. Playing with snakes in dream, untimely death, repeated tragedy; either in form of repeated accident and sickness, among others, are also part of it.

Divorce and remarriage or marital instability in a family, uncontrollable anger or constant unforgiving attitude, addiction to either drugs or pornography, hearing of strange voices because the demons has been released to always come and speak to you are all manifestations of evil covenant.

In order to destroy the evil covenant; you must repent from every known and unknown sin. Also, do some spiritual investigation to identify the root cause of the covenant, to know the terms, when it was established and the purpose for its establishment. Then revoke every conscious and unconscious evil covenants, bind the strongman in charge of that covenant and pray aggressively. Finally, when you are done praying, replace the evil covenant with Abrahamic’ covenants.
Prayer Points
• Every foundational bondage in my life break!
• Idol of my father’s house, troubling my life, catch fire!
• Father! Every marine power in my foundation die!
• Any power that has vowed that I will suffer what my parents suffered in the name of Jesus die!
• Father! Any problem attached to my family name in the name of Jesus, die!
• Foundational padlock used to lock my destiny, in the name of Jesus break!
• Any problem from my family background seeking to make a shipwreck of my life, die!
• Powers assigned to put my glory or life in the dustbin, you are a joker, in the name of JESUS, RECEIVE FIRE!
Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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