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Destroying satanic embargo – Part 1


John Okene

The Greek word for embargo is Apag`orefsi and it means to bound, or a legal prohibition. Therefore, satanic embargo is a limitation placed on a person, place or thing. It is a demonic strategy used to prevent good things from reaching a person. It is also an evil programming to stop or slow down a person’s progress. From our Bible text, we see that there was an embargo placed on the city of Jericho; no one comes in or goes out, yet God said this is the route the Israelites must take to their promised land. There were two things required of them to get from the city before destroying it. It was rich in gold, which implies the wealth needed for their advancement to their place of rest.

Secondly, they were to bring out Rahab the prostitute because the real woman in her was ordained a foundational figure in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. So many people today cannot access their possessions in life because there is a spirit of Jericho standing as satanic embargo against them. This embargo must be destroyed and such a situation requires God’s presence and intervention. Anything embargoed becomes a contraband. If there is a satanic embargo on marriage for a lady, for instance and she smuggles her way through to get married, that husband becomes a contraband. The evil powers of Jericho working against her will do everything possible to frustrate that marriage. I pray for you that any satanic embargo preventing good things from your life will be lifted and destroyed today in Jesus name.


There are two sets of persons with regard to satanic embargo. The first are the conscious victims. These persons realise clearly that benefits are not coming to them as they come for others. They are qualified and skilful, yet never considered for jobs and other appointments. They are beautiful and well-mannered, yet no marriage proposals. The second set of persons are the unconscious victims, who either forget their dream, don’t dream at all or even think that what they are experiencing is normal. May God open your inner eyes to understand what you are going through in Jesus name!

There are different types of embargo, and the first of them is collective embargo. This is an embargo on a group of persons like a family, village, community or even a nation, having a cycle of similar experiences as we see in 2Kg 6; 25. I remember the case of a woman who cried to me sometime ago, saying she had six daughters all experiencing delayed marriage. This was a collective family embargo and after praying for them, they all got married in quick succession. The second type of embargo is selective or individual embargo, where one person is singled out as target by the evil powers. Sometimes, the situation seems to get worse, even after you pray, as we see with Jesus in Matt 4:1-6 understand that fire attracts problems. Acts 28:5, anointing does not drive the devil away. The third type is financial or economic embargo and some of the signs are when you find it difficult to get a job, money does not meet money in your hands or your business is always being attacked. Whatever will boost your financial state never works out well. If this is your case, that embargo is lifted today in Jesus name!
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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