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Destroying satanic embargo – Part 2



An embargo is a limitation, which can bring total stoppage or slow down the progress of a nation, family or individual. There are different types of the embargo, as we saw earlier in the previous edition. Another type is a marital embargo and in this case, the victims find it difficult to get married, or if married, they find it difficult to have children.

In some cases, there will be so many problems in the marriage, leading to divorce and re-marriage and thus encouraging polygamy. The last one is the travel embargo. In this case, you could have issues with your visa, passport or even some financial manipulations, just to frustrate your efforts to travel. Sometimes, it could be an evil covenant to limit you, as we see in1Kings 2:36-40.


Archbishop Duncan Williams shared a testimony about a man of God who joined him in the company of others to attend a programme abroad. Just before boarding at the airport, this man’s body system changed and he was running out of life. He has rushed away for medical attention and so he missed the flight.

Immediately after the others left, he mysteriously became all right again. It was discovered that no one had ever travelled abroad in his family line, because there was a satanic embargo placed by the idle powers of his father’s house. May God destroy every evil power limiting you in Jesus name!

From our Bible text, we see that by reason of Joshua’s declaration, an embargo was brought upon Jericho. This curse lingered for so many years until the time of Elisha, when the people cried out for help. (2Kings; 19-22) Nothing good ever happened in the land, and there was bareness until Elisha made a counter declaration and the embargo was lifted. There are certain groups of persons, therefore, who can place an embargo. One of them is Government institutions or parastatals and this is scriptural, as we see in Dan. 6: 1-28. There was a satanic embargo on prayers for 30 days because of Daniel, but Daniel broke that embargo. Another person who can issue an embargo is an authority figure as we see in Gen. 49: 3-4. Israel placed a curse on his son, Reuben and this brought an embargo over him, as all his attempts to succeed in life failed. A similar example is found in 1Chron. 4:9-10 with the case of Jabez. There was an embargo on Joy and Fulfilment in his life by reason of the name given to this young man. We must be careful as parents and spiritual leaders what we say to the people under us. There is power in our tongue. I decree today as an authority figure that every satanic embargo over your life is lifted in the name of Jesus!


Again, God can place an embargo on a man because of disobedience. Duet. 28:23 “And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron”. This makes it difficult for such a victim to receive rain or till the soil for its blessings. A brother I conducted deliverance for some time ago said he would see himself tilling the soil with hoe every night. It was a horrible task, as the ground was made of concrete and this made him wake up every day feeling exhausted and looking older than his age. This happened for about ten years, but in the course of the deliverance, an old woman manifested out of him and God put an end to every struggling in his life. May you receive your deliverance too as you follow divine instructions in Jesus name!

John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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