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Destroying satanic embargo – Part 3



Text: Joshua 6:26
There are different sources from where an embargo can come upon a person, place or thing. One of them is Demonic Powers. In Mk. 5:1-10, we see the case of a mad man who was sleeping in the cemetery. There was an embargo upon him that can never live in a normal place or else, the demons will torment him until he returns to the tomb. This is the case of some people today. They cannot live a normal life because there is a demonic force that pushes them to prostitute, steal, or wander in the street. This force can also be a spirit spouse who lay an embargo of marriage on its victim. They can go to the extent of killing your spouse or causing all kinds of problems and financial hardship, just to frustrate your marriage. This mad man was ordained to be a great evangelist in ten cities (Decapolis) yet locked up in a cemetery. “I pray for you today if you are ordained to be an international figure, yet locked up in your community, you are breaking out now in Jesus’ name”.


In Judges chapter 6, Gideon was ordained to be great, but the demonic powers operating from the evil altars of his father’s house tied him down in abject poverty until God visited him. “May God use you to change your family history today”. Again, a man can place an embargo on himself as a result of fear. Fear has torment, some people cannot drive the cars they bought or move into the house they built or even enjoy their wealth because of fear of being kidnapped or attacked by men of the underworld. They disguise and wear tattered clothes. For some other persons, it could be ignorance. Your level of exposure and information determines greatly your level of transformation and how far you can go in life. Laziness and carelessness can also bring an embargo upon oneself.


Life is serious business, so you must be careful how you live it and even what you speak. (Prov. 18:21) Every negative pronouncement from your mouth can be a trap for yourself (Prov. 6:2).

There are different ways satanic embargos operate and one of them is Satanic Judgment. This happens when people gather together to place judgement on a man as we see in Isa. 54:17. Such could sometimes be a result of what your father did. I handled the case of a lady sometime ago who the evil powers were crying for blood against her and her daughter. They claimed that her father shed innocent blood, so they were out to kill every member of the family because they bear his name. “If there is a judgement standing against your family today, I cancel it in Jesus’ name and I proclaim your freedom”. Another way satanic embargos operate is through Evil Covenants. In Joshua 9:16-23, the Gibeonites disguised themselves and entered into a covenant with Israel, so that they would not be killed. When the truth of their identity was discovered, Israel was angry but said they would not break the covenant. Instead, the Gibeonites would remain servants to them as water carriers and wood cutters. “I pray for you, every covenant that has placed an embargo over your life, family or tribe is broken today and every spirit behind it is bound in Jesus’ name”. Satanic embargos also operate through Evil Garments. The garment you wear in the spirit realm determines what follows you. It could be the garment of barrenness, poverty, non-achievement and so on (Zech. 3:3-5). “May every evil garment over your life catch fire in Jesus’s name and I decree that whatever you have lost as a result of satanic embargo be restored to you in Jesus’ name”.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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