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Destroying satanic records



A record could be an evidence, a data file, history, and chronicle, or written documents of some important things about a person, so that whenever information is needed about the person, the record is opened. In Jer. 22:28-29, we see a record written about a man called Coniah. This record was meant to be used not only against him, but also his seeds, that is generations after him. Again, we see a similar thing in Dan.5: 5, a finger came forth and wrote on the wall a record of judgment against a king. This record was meant to put an end to his kingship.Col. 2:14 says “blotting out every handwriting of ordinances that was written against us which is contrary to God’s plan and purpose for us.”

There are various ways of keeping records as seen in the Bible. Firstly, we have physical record: A record can be in the physical realm, as we see in Esther 6:1. A man named Mordecai did something for the king some time ago, which was recorded but not rewarded. When the record was opened and read, Mordecai was honoured. Sometimes, the enemies can keep an evil record concerning a person to be used in future against such person. Take the case of Coniah in Jer. 22:28-30, if any of his seeds begin to prosper somehow in life, the enemies can open up the evil record written against prosperity and they will fight against him.

Secondly, we have spiritual record: A record can also be in the spiritual realm. This is not seen or written physically. Psalm 40:7 says “then said I, Lo I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me”. This means there is a record in heaven concerning you. Jer. 22:29 tells us that the earth also takes record. The enemies can go into their spiritual archives to check what is written about a man and what to do to stop him.


Records can be documented in video, audio or written forms (in a book, on a wall, on the ground) or any other place by men. As seen in Esther 6:1, these records are played or read out for hearing. And the locations where records are kept also vary with the different realms of operation: Firstly, records are kept in any of the first, second or third heavens. In Deut. 30:15-19. Moses called heaven and earth to bear record against the people. Again, Jer. 22:29 says “o earth, earth, earth; hear the word of the lord.” This means the earth hears and takes record of things or words spoken. As long as the earth is bearing that record, these things continue to exist. The rock is another point of operational activities: In Job. 19:24) – We see inscription made on rocks forever. One of the most commonly used locations for satanic records is satanic altars: This includes shrines, covens and occultic altars.

Some people’s case are in satanic altars or shrines as records, which they manipulate to suit their wicked plans. Sometimes, they use an effigy or image representing a person. As they speak to it, whatever they say or do comes to pass in the life of the person represented. The word of God said who can decree a thing and it come to pass when God has not commanded it? Again, records can be kept under the waters in the marine kingdom and sometimes even in trees. Finally, men keep records. Jn. 1:32-34, says John bears record concerning Jesus that He is the son of God. In Jn. 12:17, the people bore record that Lazarus was raised from the dead. I decree that every association of the wicked bearing evil records against you this season, God will scatter them by fire and destroy their records in Jesus name.

The content of record kept for an individual or group of persons varies and some include; family history, evil judgment, evil pronouncement/curses, sins of the past (Ex. 20:5), deeds of your father (Ezra 4:15). In all of these, for you to have total freedom, you must be born again, cleanse yourself with the blood of Jesus, consciously cry to God to destroy the records and live a holy life.

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