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Determination to follow Jesus till the end

By Prophet O. Azuka
29 May 2022   |   3:35 am
The best decision anybody can make on earth is to follow Jesus. However, not everyone that started with Christ made it to the end.


The best decision anybody can make on earth is to follow Jesus. However, not everyone that started with Christ made it to the end. There are powers and forces that stand on the highway to hinder a child of God from entering heaven. Pressures from friends, family members, economic hardship and rejection from people are inevitable.

To follow Jesus is good and, of course, the best decision in life, but continuity is what matters. The cost of following Christ must be counted and considered properly. This is because rights and privileges may be affected. Hunger may stir on your face to check your sincerity to follow Christ. God in his own wisdom, can purposely allow some of these inconveniences to test your profession.

Determination is the hallmark to heaven. A determined believer does not allow any form of distraction to swerve his attention from God. His heart is not fixed on mundane things. He considers things of this world as ephemeral and lays no hold on them. He does not see them as important as heaven. His main attention is on God and how to make Him happy. Unfortunately, Christians have lost these virtues and replaced them with mere activities.

The church, which is supposed to be the body of Christ, has deviated from the Lord and instituted their own standards and requirements for heaven. Commitment to the Lord and sacrifice are no longer part of Christian service. Today, believers are not ready to give their service and consecration to the Lord. In most churches, Sunday Services are hurriedly observe, while in some places, Sunday Services are divided into parts to make it convenient for themselves and not for God. They do that to make money since more offerings will come in multiple services.

Some of the preachers of the gospel are not telling their congregation the truth. They pamper the word of God that will take people to heaven and teach men parts. They compromise and mutilate the truth out of fear, to suite their congregation. As believers, we are ready to take the gospel all over the world to show that Jesus Christ is alive. The Lord is looking for those with firm conviction like the disciples of the old that will take the truth of God’s word to the whole world.

The disciples of Christ gave their lives for the course of the gospel. Their lives never matter to them. Their pursuit was to please God and to make the gospel popular on earth. They paid the supreme price for this decision. Their lives went for it, as most of them became the martyrs of the gospel. Have a resolute decision today to serve God with undivided attention and in righteousness.

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