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Disciples indeed – Part 2


Disciples indeed are those who crown Jesus the Lord of their lives and they are not masters unto themselves. They do not claim to own themselves; they have given themselves over completely to the Lord Jesus and Jesus Has taken over them totally. Don’t own yourself but allow Jesus to take over you completely.

Jesus spoke to the Jews who believed in Him, “if you continue in my word, then you are my disciples indeed.” The evidence of true discipleship is continuing in the Word of God. You cannot live outside the Word of God and find satisfaction. Everything outside the Word of God is empty. This is the Word that is settled forever in Heaven and cannot be broken (Psalm 119:89). This is the word that can never return unto God void without accomplishing the purpose for which God Has sent it into your life (Isaiah 55:11).

There are disciples and there are disciples indeed. Nathanael received a commendation from Jesus for being a disciple indeed. Jesus said concerning Nathanael, “Behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile” (John 1:47). Nathanael was an Israelite indeed, a true Israelite, a real Israelite, an Israelite in whom there is no deceit and an Israelite with a testimony. Our nation is in need of people in whom there is no guile. This is what we need these days because there are many talkers all over the place, but we need the reality. We need the real deal and Jesus said to Nathanael, you are a true Israelite.


Those of us from this part of the world have our own expressions and words. Jesus was simply saying to Nathanael, “as I look into your life, there is no wuru wuru in your life, there is no mago mago in your life, there is no jibiti in your life, there is no crookedness in your life, there is no pretence in your life, there is no hypocrisy in your life Nathanael. Lies don’t have a place in your life Nathanael, ungodliness is not found in you Nathanael, you are the real deal Nathaniel and the Holy Spirit has taken over your life.” This is what Jesus is looking for today and that is the testimony that you should strive to receive from the Lord Himself today and let the Lord say concerning you, ‘this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.’

People keep going to church, but are they disciples indeed? There are Israelites and there are Israelites indeed. There are disciples and there are disciples indeed. You have to determine what you will be and you have to make the choice. I have made mine and I have chosen to be a disciple indeed, the real deal by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Make a choice of Jesus, be real and be true. Don’t just be a theoretical Christian, an academic Christian, someone with some ecclesiastical titles, but whose life has been eaten up by the Word of God and the Word of God has become the rule in your life and you happily, freely, totally, willingly and joyfully submit yourself to the word of God, so that the Word of God is in complete control.

To become a disciple indeed, you need the fullness of yieldedness. You won’t have the devil as your master anymore. You won’t have the world system, as your master anymore and Jesus will be the beginning and end for everything in your life.
Today’s Nugget: A disciple indeed is the real deal
Prayer: Lord help me to be a true disciple
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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, Ag.General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.


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