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Disciples indeed


Ejikeme Ejim<br />

Text: John 8:30-32
Key Verse: John 8:31, “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.” (KJV)

A disciple is a learner, a student and a follower. A disciple sits at the feet of his master and drinks in from his Master. A disciple believes in his Master, a disciple has respect for his master, a disciple honours his master, a disciple is convinced of his master and a disciple is satisfied with his master.

Jesus spoke a fundamental truth to the Jews that heard the gospel and believed in Him saying, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.” Jesus introduced the conditional clause “if” because there are people who will believe today and they will not believe tomorrow, and there are people who will believe this year and will not believe the next year. Jesus was interested inconsistency.


It’s not enough to say that you believe this morning or this afternoon or this evening. You have to continue in the Word of God and let it be your guide for your everyday faith and conduct. There are so many teachings going on in the world out there. There are so many philosophies of men that the Apostle Paul described as “vain jangling,” but there is also the Word of God. So, you make your choice.

Jesus said to the Jewish believers that there are many voices, philosophies and teachings in the world, but you have heard my teachings and believed on me. Jesus said to them, if you want to be my disciples, in reality, there is something you have to do. Jesus said to them, you must know my word, acknowledge my word as you have done, you must receive my word as you have done, you must believe in my word as you have done, you must keep believing and continue in my word, you must not move away from my word and you will not come tomorrow to say you have discovered another school of thought and philosophy that is more acceptable to you. There must be satisfaction in you from my word and then you will be my disciple indeed.

It is when the word of God has become your guide for your everyday faith and conduct and when it is the Bible that determines what you believe and how you believe, that you are a disciple indeed. It is what you believe that determines how you act, how you behave and how you respond to signals and issues. If a man must speak, if a man must express himself and come forth to contribute meaningfully to discussions of life, he will be contributing from who he is.


It is what you believe that shapes your life. That is why Jesus said there are many schools out there, but if you must be my disciple, you must continue in my word. Disciples indeed have one peculiar blessing to them: they will know the truth, they walk in the truth because they are continuing with the Word of God and they have surrendered themselves totally to the Lord.

Disciples indeed are those who recognise the Lordship of Jesus, disciples indeed are those who recognise the sacredness of the Holy Scripture and disciples indeed in this dispensation of the Holy Spirit are those who give reverence to the Holy Spirit and they are totally submitted to the Holy Spirit.

Have you been going to church, but have not fully yielded to the Lord? You have the opportunity today. Submit your life to Jesus, continue in His Word and then you will be a disciple indeed.

Today’s Nugget: A disciple honours his master.
Prayer: Lord helps me to continue in your Word.
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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, Ag.General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.


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