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Don’t faint, keep moving you’ll get there


Anene Nwachukwu

Faint in this context means to lack courage, to be discouraged or to become depressed.

In the world today, there are lots of things that make people faint; discouraged or depressed.

When God gives a man a vision, He makes provisions for the vision to be easy and successful.


But one thing the devil does is to introduce the spirit of discouragement to God’s children, because he knows that once you are discouraged you lose focus, and when you lose focus, you will become stagnant and the devil is happy about it.

When I said, “don’t faint keep moving,” it means that there is something ahead that God has reserved for you.

Where you are going is far better than your present condition and you can’t afford to stop on the way until you finish your race. The Bible says if you fail in the days of adversity you are a poor specimen.

In Luke 7:11, we read about how Jesus raised the only son of a widow in the city of Nain.

Her son died in her very presence and she felt that all was over, but in that bitter condition, where she was supposed to stay back at home mourning, she followed the men that took the corpse of her son for burial and on their way they met with Jesus Chris who had compassion on her and raised up her dead son. This woman has every reason to faint, but she refused to give up and she got her miracle.

There are few people who also fainted in the Bible and God renewed their strength.

Let’s look at 1Kings19, Prophet Elijah fainted as a result of the news that got to him from Queen Jezebel, that she was going to kill him so Elijah ran away for his life into the wilderness and sat down under a juniper tree.


Then the angel of the Lord gave him food to strengthen him for the journey ahead.

I prophesy to you today that God is sending angels to strengthen you in Jesus name. That is why you must learn to wait on the Lord, learn to trust Him only.

Though it might be hard, people will mock and laugh at you, but you know what you are doing and where you are heading. Without trials and temptations, you can’t move to the next level.

So, you should not be discouraged and not run away from challenges, because they came to make you a better person.

My dear readers, this is your time and season because with God by your side, the level of your speed will increase and you will get to your destination as a champion. God bless you.

Pray Points
• Oh Lord, open my eyes to see challenges as stepping-stones in Jesus name.

• Oh Lord, send angels to me to make my life easy in Jesus name.

• Oh Lord, renew my strength in Jesus name.

• I will not faint on the way until I get to my destination in Jesus name.

• Oh Lord, in this year 2019, I will finish my race in Jesus name.

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