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Draw near to God as the world inches to end


Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Beloved, from all indications it is very obvious that the world has done its full circle and the only thing remaining is to fold up.

It has shown by all indices that it has no new thing to offer that can appeal to the conscience of its inhabitant. We have seen it all and have aligned ourselves with the wisdom of David, which posited that ‘vanity of vanities, all is vanity.’ So, let him that has ears, hear to appreciate the fact that this world has completed its course. And this is known to the devil who has but a short time to operate, and that is why he is on the rampage with inflamed wrath to complete his assignment against those adamant souls who have refused to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour. That is why wars, strives, hatred, divorce, robberies, kidnappings, adulteries, masturbation, fornication and lesbianism are on the increase in our generation.

Rev. 12: 12 says, “Therefore, rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

There is no doubt that at this period of human history more than any other the level of abomination in the land has increased tremendously as evidence that the world is folding up. And the devil knows that his time is limited in which he will be permitted to wage war with the saints on the earth. And within that limited space, he knows that he must do all that he ever can do to destroy souls, and to spread woes through the earth.


But having this knowledge of the world coming to an end, and seen the catastrophe that has become a daily occurrence in our life, wisdom demands that we should draw near to our Maker in order to escape from the imminent destruction that shall soon befall mankind. If we draw near to Him, He will by mercy draw near to us and deliver us from the rampage of the devil and its accompanying sicknesses and diseases. This is because when a soul sets out to seek God, He sets out to meet that soul. If we can draw near to Him, by faith and prayer, He will draw nigh to us and meet us at His coming.

James 4: 8 says, “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

Drawing closer to God is a great and important principle of Christian faith. If we wish to escape the danger of the present situation, we must come to the Lord strong and mighty. If we want His mercy and security at this riotous time, we must approach Him for intervention. We cannot hope for His defence while we are at distance from Him. All those who, in fact, draw near to Him will not find Him unwilling to bestow on them the blessings of divine security, which is highly sought at this era of perilous time.

There is no more doubt that doctors and native doctors cannot be relied upon. Neither will politicians nor rulers deliver us, for it is only in the Lord that there is safety. If we, therefore, wish to escape the wickedness of the devil at this end time, we must draw closer to God, make Him our friend in order to secure His favour. And if we must get closer to Him for security, we must put away all forms of transgression, for God is holy and cannot behold iniquity. If you come close without holiness within and without you will not be accepted. This entails abandoning all your transgressions. If the heart is wrong, nothing can be right. If, while we seek an external reformation, we still give indulgence to the secret corruptions of the heart, it is clear that we can have no true relationship with Him and will not be allowed closer to Him. Our whole conduct must be changed; and we must cease to do evil but learn to do well. We must resolve now as the world draws to an end, to draw near to Him as a penitent and as a humble soul. The earlier we comply to the aforementioned principles, the better for us before the world gives its final bow.


How God Delivered Me From Seven Gods
BY the special grace of God, my name is Simon Ugwa. I am from Enugu State but live in Kaduna. I want to testify how God delivered me from Seven gods of Ogoniland.


It all started in 2005, when I travelled outside the country, and thereafter, was deported. That deportation devastated and rendered me penniless, and all efforts to get financial assistance from friends and relatives met brick-wall. In the process, I travelled to Abia State and met one of my friends who is from Rivers State and told him my situation. He offered to come to my aid. While expecting to get help from him, he took me to Ogoniland and got me initiated into the seven gods of the land of which one of them is alleged to be in charge of blood-shedding (rituals).

On that day of initiation, my tongue was torn into seven pieces. Blood filled my mouth after which I was given something to eat and drink. And after that, I fell under the brutal influence of the devil. On many occasions, I was given assignment that would cause pain to people but I would not have effrontery to turn it down. The first assignment I underwent was to break the virginity of three of my sisters. When I was commanded to commit that heinous crime, I asked how possible it could be, and was told it would be manipulated. So, like zombie, I committed the odious crime and took the blood stained white handkerchiefs to them as demanded. Unfortunately, one of my sisters became pregnant as a result. All efforts to make her abort it proved abortive.

Afterward I decided to return to Kaduna. When I informed them of my preparation to return to Kaduna, they told me that the journey could destroy the potency of the money charms given to me except I would perform some ritual on the way. Subsequently to preserve the efficacy of the charm, I was given some eggs and a box that looked like a coffin (casket) with the instruction to break one egg each when l am about to enter every state. Fortunately, the bus I eventually boarded had toilet provision, so, while on the journey any time I was to enter next state, I would go into the toilet and break an egg. This was how I carried out the assignment.


On arrival to Kaduna I suddenly became rich and was able to build a computer school and cyber café. Later, I moved to Jos (Plateau State) and bought many motorcycles and gave it out to people on hire purchase. Within six months of my relocation to Jos, one of my sisters died and when I went to the cult chamber to enquire the cause of her death, the chief priest started laughing and told me that they had given me what I wanted, and it was time for sacrifice for more were going to die. At that moment, I became disturbed though was still associating with them but my mind was no longer with them. After a year interval, my second sister was afflicted with cancer and she died within one month. On the funeral day, they wanted to lay their hands on my four years old daughter, but I vehemently refused.

Victims of paralysis, who were delivered after pastor’s prayers, during last combined meeting displaying their previously used walking aids

Then, they invoked her spirit on a calabash, and ordered I should strike her, again I refused. That period, as God would have it, I had little misunderstanding with my wife and she ran away with the baby to the village. From that moment, they began to spiritually frustrate me. Without any known cause my computer school got burnt. Some people I gave motorcycles on hire purchase ran away with it while others claimed that the religious crisis that engulfed Jos at that time consumed the motorcycles. At that point, I was no longer thinking about business life and family.

Looking for solution, I decided to move to Lagos and submit myself to deliverance. On the way at Sagamu, our vehicle had accident and plunged into the river. I was to be drowned in the river but God showed me mercy. According to eye-witnesses, a 12-year-old boy, who saw when the vehicle plunged into the river, raised the alarm and divers came to our rescue. After that wonderful deliverance, I came down to Lagos, searching for a church to be delivered.

In the course of this, I developed hallucination. At times, I would see shadow approaching me physically and I will be frightened at that moment but if I shout Jesus, it would disappear. At times, when I kept money it will disappear. Consequently, I visited a white garment church where they tied, flogged and lit candle all over me. At the end of the day, I was taken to the river where I took my bath but immediately after that exercise, it seemed as if the whole demons were after me.

I was so frustrated about the situation to the extent I considered suicide but as I was pondering on that, a voice spoke to me and said: “Have you tried The Lord’s Chosen or Deeper Life? The voice said these churches have the presence of God and specialised in soulwinning. At this juncture, I had no money again, the only things remaining for me were a plot of land, a bus and Golf 2 car. There was no single cash again. Then, I struggled to sale my phone so that I could raise money to go to Chosen but nobody was ready to buy it.


At last, God helped me and somebody lent me N8,000 with which I went to The Lord’s Chosen. As I reached there, I met three sisters and pleaded to be taken to the General Pastor. Expressing surprise by my audacity, the sisters told me that everybody had travelled to Abuja for a crusade. I wondered why I did not know about the crusade since Abuja was close to Kaduna. Then contemplating on what to do, the sisters said, “Brother, whatever is your problem as long as you have stepped your feet here, you will get your deliverance.” My response of amen was not because I believed their prayer would be effective but out of courtesy for I assumed they didn’t understand the gravity of my situation otherwise they would have known that my case needed robust prayer and not just mere prayer alone.

Eventually, they directed me to the security post where I narrated my story and was given a place to stay pending when the crusade at Abuja would be concluded. Then, in the night, I joined them in the Friday vigil. Throughout that vigil, I prayed fervently, after which I slept. But this time, unlike before, I slept like a baby, and there was no nightmare. Besides, the experience of shadow appearing to threaten me disappeared. When the people that went for the crusade returned, I presented myself for deliverance and as I was being prayed for, I fell under anointing several times and during the last one, I saw a black shadow moved out of my body. Lo and behold, that was the end of the affliction.

I want to use this opportunity to advise particularly the youths not to get involved in any occultic activity no matter the fantasy it promises. This is because it is easy to enter but not easy to come out. If they had told me that all these things I did, I would do them, I wouldn’t have joined them. They will not divulge what is involved until you enter, and then what is involved will be disclosed to you later and at that point, there will be little or no room for membership renouncement.


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