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Rev. Theodore Effiong

God Even Releases Dreams To Our Enemies
When you read Psalm 105:14: “He suffered no man to do them wrong, yea he reproved kings for their sake Saying touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.”

God was actually referring to Abraham’s encounter with Abimelech, the King of Gerar when he took Sarah, Abraham’s wife. “And God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, behold thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou hast taken, for she is a man’s wife.” Genesis 20:3

God threatened Abimelech with death in the dream and ordered him to restore back Abraham’s wife. To this Abimelech replied, still in the dream, Lord, will you slay a righteous man also? Did he not say to me; she is my sister? And she even herself said he is my brother? Vs. 4 & 5. In this dream encounter, God and Abimelech are communicating with each other all in a dream. This is awesome!


When Laban pursued Jacob, God warned him in a dream not to harm him or speak anything bad against him. Genesis 31: 24. Likewise, God warned Pilate’s wife in a dream, that her husband ought not to involve himself in the execution of Jesus. Matthew 27: 19.

These people did not have any covenant with God, but they were having dreams and receiving messages from God. Then you as a covenant child of God ought to have dreams constantly.

We All Dream
In the course of each night, it is believed we dream up to 20 times. Amongst these, about 15 can come from the human spirit. Two or three might come from the demonic realm. But at least 1 or 2 come from God. Understand this that as God uses dreams to guide our lives, Satan also uses dreams to manipulate and oppress people. So, we need to awake and pray neutralising all negative night visits from darkness. I asked a question during word ministration in my church: “from whom do you receive more visitation in your dreams, God, or the devil?” The answer was unanimous, Satan! The reason this is so is two-fold. First, every night, before we sleep, we are supposed to spend good time presenting before the Lord all our activities that transpired in the daytime. You need to offload and relate all the actions and discussions you took. By so doing, you are aligning yourself with God’s divine presence for a heavenly feedback.

Secondly, when the majority of your dreams are evil, demonic or bad, this also is a reflection of your mental state. Most people are more demon conscious than God conscious. Do you engage in prayer and you are more given to warfare, engaging against the satanic kingdom or do you find yourself spending more time in fellowship and intimacy with God? When you spend most of your prayer time binding demons and devils, battling with witches and wizards, then guess what your dream life is going to look like. We need to take enough time renewing our mind. Let your conscious and subconscious mind develop a prosperity, success, and victorious mentality. These will reflect in your dream life.

As I have already said earlier, scientists have a term called Rapid Eye Movement (REM). When somebody is in the deepest part of his sleep, you will notice their eyes are moving rapidly, underneath the eyelids. This REM is said to be the point we enter into deep sleep. The body and the flesh at that point have gone to sleep. It is at that point the spirit is most active. This is the period God relates with your spirit.

The reason we find it hard to recall our dreams is because normally you recall the dream that is on you when you awake. Meaning, if you wake up only once in the morning, the highest you can recall is one dream. You need to arrange your life to wake up 3 or 4 times with pen and Jotter by your bedside.

The human body needs rest, but you should keep at least one day or two days each week for spiritual quickening. Those days of fasting ought to be also nights of visitation from God. You can even keep an alarm clock for this.

Moreover, everybody is supposed to pray at least one hour before we sleep. 1. To silence all evil intruders. 2. To get the flesh overtaken by the Spirit. 3. To connect us to the spirit realm.

By right, every true child of God ought to fast at least once every week if not twice. We understand that the early church kept every Wednesday and Friday from 6.00am to 6.00pm as fasting days. John Wesley saw this and adopted it as part of his policy for all ministers of the Methodist Church to observe.

Every true child of God in this generation ought to even fast more because what we are facing has increased. Then on our fasting days, we should try to rest more in the daytime, so that in the night, we can practise waiting and sleeping and waking possibly three or four times. Our days of fasting must be days of receiving messages from God.


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