Thursday, 30th March 2023
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Ejike Okoye spreads his tentacles

The Nigerian film industry is filled with outstanding actors who are doing great things outside their acting profession. One of such actors

The Nigerian film industry is filled with outstanding actors who are doing great things outside their acting profession. One of such actors is Ejike Okoye, who ventured into business.

The actor who says he is a business inclined person, believes for one to meet other needs, you have to have other streams of income.

Ejike Okoye

“Aside being an actor, I am a businessman and love what I do. I import motor vehicles and general merchandise. I thank the CEO of C TO C customs bonded terminal in Emene, Enugu for being there for me. It is a very reliable and trusted terminal. They were very supportive of my business.”

He added: “I ship container load of vehicles and goods through their terminal and they always make sure that I am satisfied without cutting corners in clearing my merchandise. I strongly recommend C TO C Customs Bonded Terminal to importers. They will work with you from start to finish with excellent customer service relations.

“I have had the opportunity to climb different mountains with different views at a time. I started climbing the same mountain over and over thinking the view would change. There was a time in my life where I was really not in a great place mentally so I made a definite decision to go back to climbing different mountains and grow for a better Ejike Okoye. That has helped me a lot.

The Nollywood star just featured in two yet-to-be released movies titled ‘Shadows of America’ and ‘Chinelo.’

According to the award-winning actor, “these two projects are great and life touching stories. Shadows of America is another Nollywood USA diaspora blockbuster advocacy film aimed at fighting the serious menace of abuse/violence against immigrant women.

He added: “It is a true life story, well acted and directed by the best of Nollywood USA cast and crew

It is a must watch for everyone. We stopped working on Shadows of America due to the coronavirus pandemic but we are back on it now.

“You would definitely see yourself in both movies because they depict our everyday life in the United States of America and Nigeria. They are movies that have never been made.”

Okoye, who has featured in many Nollywood movies, said both movies were shot with one of the best super quality equipment in Nollywood today.

“Highly intriguing and a must watch. I want to thank the New York Film Academy Director, Obed Joe, for giving me the opportunity to be part of these wonderful and fantastic movies. I also want to thank the other cast and crews for a job well done.”

On why he accepted the role, he said: “I accepted the role because I like storytelling, especially true life stories. I read the story and realised how deep it was. In this life things don’t always look as it seems. Domestic violence is a trending issue in Nigeria now and beyond. We showcased that when marriage goes into physical altercation it’s time to seek professional help or walk away.

“People have died due to domestic violence because of the fear of what others would say. Life has no duplicate folks.”

On where he hopes to be, he said: “Everyday is a work in progress. I am yet to get to where I want to be but I give God the glory for the journey thus far.”

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