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Evangelising the world through God’s own resources


The financial resources God blesses His children with are meant for the advancement of the gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such resources are to be channeled towards the world’s evangelisation. It is, therefore, inappropriate to use God’s resources for personal aggrandisement at the expense of the gospel. Anybody who does otherwise, other than for the purpose of evangelism, will soon crash land to nothing in life.

Our text captures Cornelius, who understood the urgent need for kingdom expansion. He mobilised his resources for the gospel message. He gathered his kinsmen, relations and friends and sent for Peter with his own resources to preach to his men. His purpose was to bring souls to the Kingdom of God. I guess he heard the heart-beat and the cry of God and the tinkling of the hour! In fact, he knew the purpose of his wealth. He valued souls more than personal comfort and luxurious life.

Nobody makes wealth with his own power. It is God that gives power to make wealth (Deut. 8:18). This is the reason our resources should be used for His work. The Lord is looking for faithful men He can empower financially to reach the whole world with the gospel. The souls of men are very paramount and precious in the sight of God and He will do everything possible to bring them to Himself.


The assignment of the gospel is tough, massive and serious. It is a herculean task that must be accomplished at all cost. The Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre is commissioned for this noble task in reaching the whole world with the gospel message in no distant time. She won’t relent in this assignment! The gospel message that will penetrate the whole world needs massive resources to actualise it, and God can only use men who are broken and faithful to do it.

Souls are dying in their thousands, and rescue mission is inevitable. The work of evangelism is so diverse that everybody must be involved in one way or the other. There are people primarily called to the pulpit to preach the gospel, while some are called to play supportive role in ministry. The general call of evangelism is for all. But not everybody is called to the pulpit. In this regard, those in the forefront of taking the gospel to various villages, towns, cities and nations of the world should be given the required financial assistance to accomplish the mission. The financial aid is meant for ministers to plan and reach the world with the gospel message and nothing else.

The problem of Christianity is that everybody wants to be on the pulpit or on the mission field. They do not understand the nitty-gritty of the gospel: everybody is called to preach but not everybody is called to be a ‘point man’. A trader who is in the market or a civil servant in the office is supposed to evangelise the people in the place. Those who are empowered financially by God should also channel it to the cause of evangelism. Everybody has a part to play!

No sacrifice is too much for the gospel. It is the reason for our salvation. Kingdom Power stands on tripods, which are evangelism, holiness and prayer. The church will not compromise in any of these. The mission must be accomplished, howbeit tasking!

It is a wasted opportunity, if any day passes a child of God without him/her preaching the gospel to a soul. Whatever the gospel will cost, it is worth the price! The nonchalant attitude and apathy among Christians towards the gospel is so alarming. Attention has been shifted to non-essentials, while resources have been ‘diverted’ to building of personal edifice and quest for mundane things, rather than the gospel message.

The Lord will not hesitate to withdraw His resources from any unfaithful believer, who decides to ‘corner’ God’s wealth for personal use. Joseph of Arimathaea is a challenge to this generation of self-centred Christians. He was not well known among the disciples of Jesus Christ, but he put down his resources towards the burial of Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene also demonstrated uncommon love for Christ. She anointed the feet of Jesus Christ. Jesus was delighted for that very act of love, even though she was castigated by other disciples.

What have you given or what do you intend to give for the propagation of the gospel? Imagine Judas Iscariot, who protested against Mary Magdalene’s kind-heartedness, ended up miserably.

Today is an opportunity for you to decide what you can do for God with the resources He put in your care.
Be wise and invest in the kingdom work.
For further reading: Mark 16:15; Matt.27: 57; Mark 14:3; Acts 22:3; Luke 8:3; Matt. 18:14.
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