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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 11



– Relationship where your fiancé or fiancée is not in agreement with your dreams and vision:

In my book 10 men and ladies you must never marry, I mentioned there that you must not marry Mr. or Miss NFA (No Future Ambition). That is someone without a dream/vision or someone who is actually not living but merely existing. Martin Luther King Jnr. once said, “A man who has no purpose for living is not fit to live.”

You must also be careful of someone who is not ready to go in the direction that God is leading you in life. When you are in a relationship with someone who is not in agreement with your God-given vision/dream is simply telling you that you are in a wrong relationship. I heard the story of a great man of God called William Carey, who lived as a missionary in India and he affected so many souls in India. He was so much in love with books and read voraciously, but the wife was the opposite. Because of that, he had it so tough and rough in his marriage. You must consider the vision God has given to you and someone who fits into that plan of God for your life. You must make it your priority to look for someone who fits into the vision that God has given you. What we are discussing here is like two in one.


First, you must know that having a relationship with someone who has no dream/vision is a wrong relationship. Anyone without vision or dream is living aimlessly without any purpose or direction in life. When you have nothing definite doing, you will be very okay no matter where you find yourself. The two of you must have a vision from God or dreams that God has planted into your spirit.

Actually any man without a vision has no business getting married because God usually gives a man a woman that will help him accomplish or fulfill the vision that God has given him, but why must anyone look for a helper if he has nothing doing in particular.

The second aspect is that we must marry someone who is in agreement with our dreams or vision. This will help us to receive the necessary support and encouragement that God wants us to have from our spouse. Your spouse may become the clog in the wheel of your progress if you do not put all these into considerations. There are men and women today who are not making a head way in life, and ministry because their spouses are not in agreement with them. It is better to think about that before it becomes too late. It is a wrong relationship to be in courtship with a man or a woman who does not really believe in what God has called you to do, but if you are already married you must spend quality time to pray for your spouse to believe in you and your vision. You must also do your very best to carry your spouse along if you are already married.

When you decide to be in a relationship with someone simply because you are of the same denomination:
Many singles have asked me questions on whether they must marry from their denominations or church alone as children of God. There are some who have told me that their parents would not allow them to marry anyone outside their denomination or that their leaders would not believe that a lady or a man who is not from their denomination is a serious believer.

As far as they are concerned, if you do not belong to their church they assumed you are not a serious believer. It is quite unfortunate that we still have people who are that narrow-minded in the Christendom today. Marrying from the same church can be of great help because you are known to the pastor and the church will be able to counsel you and guide you properly. Another major advantage of marrying in the same church as your spouse is that you are already used to the same teaching, messages, and doctrines.


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