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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 2


Solomon Ojigiri

There will be no doctrinal differences or disagreements. But all these as good as they are do not debar you from marrying outside your church if the two of you are serious with God. All you need to do is to exercise a great caution. It is nothing but a wrong relationship when you simply decide to marry someone you do not love or you are not convinced he or she is the will of God for your life but you agree to marry him or her simply because you are of the same church or denomination.

The denomination where you married or marrying from your own denomination does not guarantee the success of your marriage. Often most pastors desire that, because they have taken time to nurture you with the word of God and they love you so much that they do not want you to fall victim or even leave the church. They are also aware that many so-called believers in our days are grossly deceptive and devilish. When you grow up in a church with a man or a lady, you know the kind of person he or she is but as good as it is, that must not be the only thing to consider. There are some others that desire to marry anyone who is not a member of their church or denomination simply because they will have a hiding place. There is something wrong with a man or a lady who feels that he or she can never marry from the church, where he or she worships. You must not purpose in your heart to marry outside your church by all means. The will of God must be your priority, followed by the character, your love for the person and his or her love for you. We must also be very sure that the person serves God and you must know how he or she is serving Him. Marrying from your church or denomination sometimes can be an added advantage, if that is what God has in mind for you. But do not refuse to marry a true child of God from other denominations if God is leading you that way. It is the leading of God that really matters.


Relationship where there is premarital sex:
It is never in the plan of God that you have any sexual intimacy with someone you are not yet joined with as husband and wife. Sex must be reserved for marriage. I have seen someone who had courtship with more than five ladies or men at different times but did not marry any of them. Many deceptive men nowadays use courtship as a bait to sleep with members of the opposite sex.

They simply promise them marriage and if they do not know their left from their right, the man will continue to use them and dump them later. The word of God says in Hebrew 13:4 that “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers, fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” We must always learn to ZIP UP. We must learn to discipline ourselves. We must save sex for marriage. When you find yourself in a relationship where you are always under pressure to have sex before you are married, it is a sign of a wrong relationship. When someone tells you that he or she cannot marry you except they sleep with you, this is simply telling you that you are in a relationship with the wrong person and the best thing for you to do is to back out of such relationship. Some will tell you that if you really love them you will allow them to have their way, they may weep or get angry; it is a ploy to get you on their bed. They do not truly love you. Anyone who truly loves you will wait for you; they will get to the altar first before they demand for sexual intimacy. Ignore all their cries and complaints. There are many ways to prove that you are in love without necessarily having sex or romance with the person, it is absolutely wrong to go into kissing, romancing, caressing, touching of sensitive parts of your body or having sex without been joined together in holy matrimony. Please, learn to honour God with your life and your body and obey the word of God regardless of what others are doing around you. The plan of God is that we abstain from sex until we are legally married. Always remember that your body is the temple of God.

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