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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 20

By Solomon Ojigiri
15 December 2019   |   12:31 am
Relationship for pecuniary motives: love does not think of what to get but what to give. It is no love when a man thinks of what to get or what to grab in a relationship.

Relationship for pecuniary motives: love does not think of what to get but what to give. It is no love when a man thinks of what to get or what to grab in a relationship. There are many people who enter into a relationship simply for gains or the dividends they are going to derive, and not really because they love the person. Some of the benefits they are looking out for may be a necessity to them, but that does not make it right.

Relationship must be based on love, trust, the leading of God and your personal conviction. There are some men who are frustrated because they are unemployed and they need someone to carry them up financially. They look for someone who will help them endorse their laziness; someone they can parasite on. The consideration such people have is a woman that can shoulder their responsibility, but that is contrary to the word of God. God expects us to cater for our families. It is not the responsibility of the woman, but that of the man to pay school fees, pay rent and feed the family. The woman is meant to be a help and not the main carrier of the responsibility.

Sometimes, a widower who just needs a mother for his children or just any woman to replace the deceased wife may not bother to consider other vital issues or an illegal immigrant who needs to legalise his or her status in a foreign land. All that many of such people will look for is just a citizen of that country. That also affects politicians or even pastors who are not married or some married politicians who need a woman they can parade around as “first lady.” All they will look out for is the eloquence, beauty, elegance and good physique.

A sickly person may look for a nurse in form of a spouse or a non-entity who needs a name may just have a dream to marry from a very popular family. All these are just to meet certain needs in their lives. In this part of the world, there are many illiterate men who look for highly educated and sophisticated women that can help them manage their businesses, but all they could have done is to employ people to help them. It will be wrong relationship to get into a courtship with a lady or a man just because of what to gain from such people.

I need to also say this at this junction that, there is nothing with marrying any of these examples already mentioned, if that is how God wants to work it for you and you do not have any ulterior motives. Of course, no man should be lazy and no man should abdicate his responsibilities for any woman. We must learn to be responsible. We must be genuinely convinced and persuaded about the choice we make, especially on the issues of who to live your life with. It is not ideal to make such choices because of temporary issues; you will be tempted to drop the person once the need is met. We must be very sincere with our choices and pray seriously, as we seek the face of God because He created us. He knows who is best for us today and more importantly He knows what our future holds. Someone may seem to be okay today and not be okay in the future. But God knows in details what our future holds.

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